As the online therapy industry grows, BetterHelp has expanded its deck of therapy help for specific areas of our society. Regain therapy is one of them; let me explain what Regain is.

What Is Regain Therapy ?

Regain is an online therapy platform for relationship therapy, revolutionizing the approach to overcoming relationship challenges. Their mission is to offer individuals and couples convenient and affordable access to licensed therapists, transforming how people seek help. With Regain, professional therapy is available anytime and anywhere via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Whether you’re an individual or a couple seeking assistance with relationship or marital issues, Regain was created for you.

Through Regain, two users can share a joint account, facilitating seamless communication with their therapist. All written exchanges between the users and the therapist are visible to both parties, fostering transparency and collaboration. If either partner desires to have a personal session with the therapist, they offer the option to schedule individual live sessions.

There are no set payment plans for Regain and they do not accept insurance, at this time.

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Regain therapy sessions are 60 minutes which is the same length as standard therapy sessions, whether in-person or online.

No, Regain therapy is not free. You need to go through their questionnaire to get a quote on the cost of your monthly bill.

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