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Never Alone is here today because I decided to share my story of depression and struggle after my father died. The weight that lifted off my shoulders from writing the story was only matched by hearing from people I didn't know thanking me for sharing it... Now I want you to share your story.

Imagine if 100,000 stories were shared.
Think of how many people we can help realize that they are not alone.

What Is A Never Alone Story?

Anything that you have faced that has been mentally or physically challenging

Gender Identity

Anxiety & Depression

Loss of Job

Story of Resilience


Life During COVID-19

Loss of a Loved On


Highs and Lows of Life

Physical Changes

Mental Changes

Anything Else

You Are Not Alone

Some Member Stories

Hannah Green

Hannah Green is a 23 year old university graduate who found herself homeless for 403 days.

  • PTSD
  • childhood sexual abuse
  • drug use
  • Sexual assault

Along with many other positive additions to Hannah’s life, she was introduced to Surf Therapy.

Ryan Forsyth

I’ve been suffering from anxiety since I was 14 and have been suffering from depression since I was 16.

When I was 21, I tried to take my own life, and this was the most challenging time in my life since then.

Recently Ryan dealt with a breakup that left him in a sate he had never been before.

Em (she/they)

Em is a professional and an artist, who is learning about and navigating their bi queer gender fluidity

They always have a number of creative and academic projects on the go, and always try to give their all to and support those in their community.

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