The Hoodie

Where mental health confidently steps into society. The lifestyle fleece hoody. A classic European cut with tapered body and sleeves, uniting a North American style by adding 1.5 inches to the body and sleeves. Designed in Vancouver, Canada.
  • ‘Together’ hands created with overlock stitching
  • Never Alone. logo created with lock stitching
  • 300 GSM black fleece
  • 80/20 cotton: polyester ratio
  • 1.5 inches extended tapered body/sleeves
  • Washing/ Handling: Wash with like colours on cold. Tumble dry for 20 minutes, then air dry to finish.


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Orange, Black, Maroon


S, M, L, XL


Unisex, Female

18 reviews for The Hoodie

  1. Katie Ley

    I’m so happy with my maroon Never Alone hoody – it’s so comfortable and cozy, and fits absolutely perfectly (the oversized hood is the best feature!). More importantly is how much I love the message the hoody and the Never Alone project sends. Paul’s content that he creates for the mental health community is so important. It’s relatable and approachable, which is what really resonates with me. He’s created a community where those struggling with mental health issues have a safe space to share their experiences, and through this sharing, are comforted knowing that they aren’t alone.

  2. AJ Crivello-Jones

    I love my black hoodie!
    Not only is It comfortable but it has a unique and powerful message for everyone going through mental health!
    So many ppl ask me where to get the hoodie, so it’s starting a awareness!
    Mahalos Tall Paul!

    • Never Alone

      AJ, im glad we have you along on this mental HELP initiative! Can’t wait to have you tell your story one day

  3. Tyler Brimacombe (verified owner)

    Such a good cause! Bill was a legend in my community growing up and I’m glad he’s helped inspire this movement. He’d be very proud of you, Paul.

    • Never Alone

      Ty, thank you for the kind words, my man. Im glad after all these years since we were kids, are still in touch and our fathers are still legends!

  4. K

    Love the hoody, it’s snug and the sleeves are the perfect length for me!
    I’m proud to be able to wear this brand and support/bring awareness to mental health initiatives.

    • Never Alone

      Thank you Karen! We are happy to have you #weareneveralone

  5. Carly Chadwick (verified owner)

    This is my favorite hoody!! The quality is a 10 out of 10. It fits true to size, the sleeves are perfectly fitted and most importantly it speaks for a good cause ❤️

    • Never Alone

      Thank you, Carly, we are looking forward to sharing your photo in it!!

  6. Amanda

    I have been looking for a community like this forever. Finding a community that has value, I love this. So happy to wear my hoody #weareneveralone

    • Never Alone

      Thank you Amanda, we love hearing this!! #weareneveralone

  7. Emma Futrell-Fruhling

    Absolutely in love with my hoody! I have the black in small. The fit is excellent, it’s got that body hug, cozy comfy perfection that I’ve always wanted! The deep hood stays on! It feels great and packs a message that I am so on board with I just want to buy them all! Did I mention how good it feels to wear? Can I just live in it already!

    This brand is close to my heart, battling my own mental health, grief and childhood trauma— losing my dad to suicide, are all the many reasons why when I saw this brand come out I immediately knew I wanted to support and help spread the message that we are not alone! We are not alone with our mental health struggles and we must help each other to feel this and end the stigma around mental health. This we can do together. <3

    • Never Alone

      Emma we are STOKED you live the fit and feel of the hoody. And we are beside you on this journey on mental health. We are grateful you are in the Never Alone community with us.

  8. Elya

    I love this hoodie. So cozy. It took a minute to get used to a pocketless hoodie but it’s totally normal now. The only suggestion is for girls with a larger chest – size up! The women’s for some reason leaves little room for the girls. I had to give my original one to my dad and get a different size. Otherwise, love it. I wear it all the time.

    • Never Alone

      Elya we love that you find the hoody to be cozy also! Thanks for the tip on the womens size, we will look into this for our next round!

  9. Surbhi Seru

    So soft and comfortable! If a hug could be sewn, this hoodie would be it. I got a women’s medium and it fit me perfectly. So happy to be able to support this amazing initiative – and look (and feel) good doing it!

    • Never Alone

      Surbhi we are excited that you love the hoodie as much as we do!

  10. Maggie Leduc (verified owner)

    The outside material is so regal and the shape of the hoodie is perfect, doesn’t make you feel like a cone head.

    The logo is done so well that is isn’t to much even though their are 2 and, near each other.

    Legit have slept in it.

    • Never Alone

      We are stoked you are loving the cut and feel of it Maggie!!!1

  11. Sue Spencer (verified owner)

    Love This Hoodie ! As everyone is saying, it is so comfy. I chose Maroon, and the colour is perfect. I love the embroidery of the logo on the front and hood, it just makes it all look so good.
    The unique seams on the sleeves make for a really nice non-bulky fit and their length gives that little bit extra that most women’s hoodies don’t have. The body is long so i imagine it is great for tall people but this 5’2 human finds it pretty perfect as well. All that, wrapped up in an important message of inclusion for the mental health community. Might just have to buy a black one now 😉

    • Never Alone

      Sue it’s great to hear that the hoody fits you being 5’2. As you know the founder Tall Paul is 6’7, so having it fit the range from short to tall is great!

  12. Rory (verified owner)

    Love it! The fit is awesome and the maroon color is super cool. The fabric is soft and high quality as well!

    • Never Alone

      Rory, we are pumped you like the fit and feel! Keep sharing your story 🙂

  13. Ryan Blundell

    I came for mental health support and left with a hoody. Both have been extremely comforting. The blog and hoody have been my well-being go-to’s. To know the struggles and progress he and others have made truly inspiring. The hoody fit is amazing; I especially love how the thick hood fits my giant melon or around my neck. The quality is outstanding. It’s tapered but doesn’t hug your body. I’m happy to support Paul and his efforts.

    • Never Alone

      All we took from this is that you have a giant melon and are happy to tell the world about it… that is what Never Alone is all about ☺️

  14. Kendra

    I absolutely LOVE my Never Alone hoodie! First off, it’s great quality; the material is so soft and didn’t shrink at all when I put it through the wash. The fit is also amazing; it isn’t too tight or loose. It’s nice and snug and comfy. I’ve worn it to bed four nights in a row already! Second, I love the positive feelings I get from wearing it. It makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a comforting hug from my Never Alone family 🥰 I’ll be loving this hoodie for a long, long time! Thank you!!

    • Never Alone

      Kendra we love that you were our first #neveralonechallenge winner!

  15. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Great quality hoodie! So comfy!

    • Never Alone

      Thanks, Lindsay, im stoked you like it!!!!

  16. Robin J (verified owner)

    Love my Burgundy Never Alone Hoodie, nice fit (if you want it to be loose order a size up) love the color and thickness of the material. Definitely a good cause Support. Glad to be apart of the Never Alone Family!

    • Never Alone

      Robin, great advice on the hoody. Thanks for all the support you give and work you do!

  17. Julie Veronneau (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my hoodies! I have all 3 colors and they are all beautiful!
    The comfort is unreal, it is so warm , the quality is absolutely amazing and fits perfectly, but what is so special about this hoodie is it’s unique and powerful message.

    I am beyond grateful to have been introduced to Paul and his community Never Alone. Being someone who has and continues to battle with my own mental health and traumas this message is very close to my heart.

    Paul’s content is absolutely amazing and he provides a safe place for others to share their experiences and their struggles. The Never Alone Community is exactly what I have been searching for, it allowed me to keep moving forward and provided me with the support and that feeling that I really was not alone.

    Thank you Paul for all that your do, I am so grateful for you and your community!

    • Never Alone

      Julie thank YOU for being an inspiration for us all!

  18. Chelsea (verified owner)

    This hoodie checks so many boxes for me. I purchased the women’s maroon hoodie in size large. I’m 5’11 and it fits great! The sleeves and body length fit properly (others mentioned it is oversized) and the hood actually covers my head with a little extra room!? I love that the hood has a centre panel so it’s three pieces of fabric not just two which I think allows it to have the spacious fit. The Never Alone and Together Hands graphics are stitched beautifully and of course the message of Never Alone is really the main purpose here. This hoodie acts as a conversation starter about mental health which we all can use more of right now during the pandemic. Well done to Paul and his team! Only way this could be better is if matching sweatpants were available.

    • Never Alone

      Chelsea keep your eye out for drop #2 … we may just answer your sweatpants struggles!

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