The Bundle

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This is our first Annual World Mental Health Sale! Stay warm this winter.

The Hoodie

Where mental health confidently steps into society. The lifestyle fleece hoody. A classic European cut with tapered body and sleeves, uniting a North American style by adding 1.5 inches to the body and sleeves. Designed in Canada. Made in Lahore, Pakistan.

Not sure about fit or product care?
See our sizing chart+product care page!

The Dad Hat

This cap offers comfort and quality, with an adjustable strap. Clean and simple, the fit and fabric will pair well with any outfit. Designed in Vancouver. Adjustable (one size fits most).

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  • The Dad Hat

    In stock (can be backordered)

  • The Hoodie

The Hoodie


Orange, Black, Maroon


S, M, L, XL


Unisex, Female

10 reviews for The Bundle

  1. Avatar

    Ryan D (verified owner)

    I just received my package in the mail, which was “The Bundle”, Black Cap and Maroon Hoodie. The color combination was great. The order process was very efficient. Paul kept me in the loop on each stage of the delivery. Supporting mental health awareness is very important. However it is also very important to support small businesses. Thanks again for my products Paul and looking forward to seeing what other products you come up with in the future

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Ryan, I am stoked you like the fit and hat! Keep up promoting positive mental health my freind!

  2. Sue Spencer

    Sue Spencer (verified owner)

    Just received my Bundle ! Very impressed with the design and fit of both the hoodie and the cap. Paul has produced a beautifully crafted product for an affordable price. The embroidery of the logo takes it up a notch. Wonderful to be able to support this Mental Health Community as well as small businesses. Can’t wait to see what produces next.

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Sue thanks for the glowing review. We are happy you like our first piece, and we too are excited to show you what we have coming next!

  3. Avatar

    Bob Ostle (verified owner)

    The Hoodies are great in that they are form fitting but I find them a little warm for summer. They are great to pop on over a bare skin say when swimming etc.
    The hat, I have literally worn every day since getting it. I don’t get comments but I do thing it broadcasts the brand.

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Bob, we agree! when fall hitsl the hoody will be your best freind! Thank you for braodcasting the brand so well!!

  4. Avatar

    Ashley George (verified owner)

    I just got my bundle of a black hoodie and black hat!! Oh my word so soft and fits amazing, I think I’m gonna need more colors! Great cause and awesome products, you can’t go wrong with this!

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      We love hearing this Ashley!!!! And also are curious what colour you will get next!

  5. Avatar

    Shannon Collier (verified owner)

    High quality hat and sweatshirt! Sweatshirt runs slightly narrow and hat is perfect to block sun w/o sunglasses if wearing a mask. Feels good to make a practical purchase to support mental health awareness. When I wear the hat, I wonder whom I pass by that needed to see the message “never alone” – my guess is everyone! Thanks Never Alone!

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      We love hearing this!!!! #weareneveralone

  6. Avatar


    5 stars for every part of this. The hoodie design is simple and effective, and the fit and material is easily the most comfortable hoodie I’ve ever worn. The project and the never alone motto is incredibly important and I can’t wait to see it take off and continue to do good in the world.

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Thanks for the 5 stars Joel ❤️ We love what you are doing too in the mental health realm!!! We are in this together

  7. Avatar

    Drew LaCarte

    Extremely happy with my hoodie hat combo!!! The sweatshirt is a perfect fit and after a long days work is comfortable to throw on. Looking forward to wearing it after my evening swims in the ocean. Loving the neveralone community and everything Paul is doing to raise awareness. Two thumbs up 👍👍

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Drew we are stoked you love it! Nothing better than an evening swim in the ocean to connect with yourself before bed. Your on the right path for mental health happiness 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Kristah (verified owner)

    Paul, I just love it! Beyond the sweater (which is the softest material with the perfect tapered fit) I appreciate the mission and your drive to reach people and am gald to support your efforts! The hat is perfect and looks great worn both ways. I am excited for more goodies in the future, maybe even another sweater for winter!

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Thank you for the awesome review! Im looking forward to what colour you get in the winter 🙂

  9. Avatar


    Love the hoody, warm, comfy, great colour and great message and

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Thanks Hannah, we really loved your Never Alone story. Thanks for sharing It!

  10. Avatar

    Spencer Walker

    Received my package in the mail, maroon hoodie and black hat. I have wanted to make this purchase for some time, and it did not disappoint. The quality, the fit, just everything about it. I haven’t taken it off since I have gotten it. It’s so cozy and the weather here has been perfect for it. If you have been pondering the purchase, do it, you will not be disappointed. The message is a beautiful one, and love being a part of spreading it. I will eventually have one in every colour, so I can always be wearing one.
    Also want to add in here the human behind this all, is such a sweet, gentle, caring soul and has helped me a lot with everything that he does and inspires me to do more.

    • Never Alone

      Never Alone

      Spencer you are making me cry 😢 thank you, my friend! Keep on the good path and keep healing!

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