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With every hoodie sold, we fund the development of (much-needed) content that helps people overcome their mental health struggles.

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Our mission is to fill the void between mental health and society’s issues discussing it.

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles don’t touch a chosen few – we are all affected at some point.

Our focus is to take honest daily conversations to the palm of your hand through tweets, videos, posts, blogs, and more. Doing this, we can break the stigma by starting daily conversations, creating confidence for those feeling ashamed and alone.

With every sale, you are helping how the world views mental health.
The proceeds go to creating weekly content on all our channels.


The Never Alone Hoodie

Through the sale of this hoodie, we’ve been able to create hundreds of pieces of impactful content that furthers the conversation on mental health

Each hoodie is designed in Vancouver and custom ‘cut and sew’ (ie handmade) for the Never Alone community.

80% cotton, 20% polyester.

The best part: 100% of the profits of each hoodie sold goes towards breaking the stigma around mental health and developing impactful content to help those struggling with their mental health.

Buy your Never Alone hoodie and share your own story whenever someone asks what Never Alone is. It’s these honest conversations that are the building blocks to changing how society interacts with mental health growth.

We can do this, one conversation at a time.

Check out just SOME of the Mental Health content we've created to further the conversation.

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Why We Do This

When You Get Messages Like This Daily – You Know You Have To Keep Going

Your hoodie purchase will help ensure we continue to unite people around mental health – oh, and you'll look so stylish doing it.

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With each hoodie purchase, we direct our proceeds to developing and furthering the conversation around mental health.

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A Final Word From Paul Marlow

Founder of Never Alone

After my dad passed away in 2018 I fell into a depressive state. Once I realized I couldn’t find my way out of it on my own I started looking for helpful content online.

The majority of the content I found gave me no emotional connection or no confidence that I could get better.

It was then that I realized that Mental Health Help needed to evolve.

And in 2021, Never Alone is doing just that – helping to make Mental Health Help more accessible and more human. Join us in making a meaningful Mental Health impact.