Is Therapy Worth It? YES, Here Is Why

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Is Therapy Worth it?

Yes, Therapy Works!

Yes, therapy is worth it. Seeing a therapist on a regular basis is the best investment you can make in your life. When you see a professional counselor or therapist you will be able to speak openly about the life events that you have, till this point, kept inside your head. A therapist will help with your anxiety, depression, stress, happiness and all other emotions that are effecting your ability to live the life you want.

Here is Is Therapy Worth It? YES, Here is Why.

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Yes, therapy is worth it. 

It is as simple as that. 

Investing your money and time with a professional therapist or psychologist will pay off with personal development and mental health happiness over time.

This article will share multiple reasons why therapy is worth it, the different types of therapy you participate in, and helpful resources to make the most of your therapy sessions.

Is Therapy Worth It?

I want to dive a little deeper into the day-to-day reasons why therapy is worth it. These areas below most likely affect you right now or have in the past. If your unsure how you will start your therapy session after reading this, let me help you understand what to talk about in therapy your first time there.

1. Mental health help

Talking to a therapist is more common for people diagnosed with mental struggles. We see first hand how tough it is to live with our diagnoses and go to therapy often

Examples: anxiety disorders, bipolar affective disorders, depression, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, paranoia, PTSD, psychosis, schizophrenia, OCD, borderline personality disorder.

2. Depression - anxiety

Depression and anxiety are very common in society, especially as the years pass. It seems more and more of us admit to struggling with depressive thoughts and constantly living in an anxious state. 

From personal experience of going to a therapist for my anxiety and depression, I can validate that therapy works when going consistently. Being able to confide in your therapist about all the thoughts going on inside your head has a therapeutic effect, almost as in letting the thoughts flow from your mouth helps ease the stress they bring.

3. Stress from work

Do you feel like you are working to live and not the other way around? The stress and anxiety put onto us by our jobs, in fear of needing to perform at 100% every day, working long hours with no overtime pay and the overall stress of being able to afford to live in unaffordable cities with insane costs living, is a constant burden.

With stress from work, your therapist can not only be there to help you navigate the lifetime struggle we find ourselves facing, but they can be a friend when you feel all alone as work consumes your free time as well.

4. Struggles with family

We all find ourselves arguing, bickering and outright disagreeing with a family member. Maybe it’s your brother, sister, mother, father, or perhaps they are seemingly ganging up against you at once. 

When these times happen, it’s tough to go to those same family members to talk about it. Having a therapist to reach out to will help you, and also, it can be helpful as a family to go to therapy to work as a group on finding peace.

Learn how to tell your parents you want to go to therapy.

5. Feeling lost as a teen

As a teen, you are going through so many changes. From the hormones in your body to figuring out how to grow up into an adult can lead to large amounts of stress and anxiety. These years are so crucial to who we become as young adults that having a therapist to talk to will help you navigate so many unknowns.

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Can Therapy Make You Better?

Yes, therapy can not only make you better, but it WILL also make you happier. There is no question about it.

Here are ten areas in your life that therapy will make you better in:

  1. A better husband or wife
  2. A better partner
  3. A better sexual lover
  4. A better friend
  5. A better business owner
  6. A better listener
  7. Better at your job to make more money
  8. Better at dealing with stressful situations 
  9. Better at enjoying life
  10. Better at being present and grateful

What Is The Success Rate Of Therapy?

There is no success rate for therapy that will give you an accurate statistic. There is no authentic success rate because every person who goes to see a therapist is a unique individual who has many different things going on in their lives, like:

  • Willingness/unwillingness to be open to change
  • Work stresses
  • Friendship struggles 
  • Relationship issues (or no relationship at all)
  • Loss of a close family member 
  • Struggling with addiction
  • Struggled with addiction in the past

I could go on.

As you can see from that list, many things can affect your mental health (stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, fear, etc.) And because of these, it is impossible to accurately take a statistic from seeing a therapist and state if it worked.

In my honest opinion, therapy will have a 100% success rate for the 7.7 Billion people in the world if treatment is made available to them at a price they can afford. And they saw their therapist often enough and for a long enough duration to see the positive mental growth results.

Read our article on how often should you go to therapy to better understand how consistent you should be.

Therapy Is The Best Investment

Do you agree now… Is therapy worth it?

I hope you see the value of what your new therapy journey could lead to in your mental health happiness.

However, it doesn’t fix you overnight: How long does it take for therapy to work?

Let our step-by-step guide on how to email a therapist for the first time give you the confidence to reach out today.

You are worth it.


Yes, it is worth talking to a therapist. Talking to a therapist can help you with depression, anxiety, grief, and stress in your work or home life. Talking in therapy is a safe place not to be judged.

There are no negatives of therapy. The only thing that might seem negative to you is the cost. But I promise you, the price of a therapy session is a valuable investment in yourself.

Yes, therapy is worth it for anxiety. Seeing a therapist regularly (weekly or more often) will help ease your anxiety and make you feel more confident.

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