Is Talkspace A Substitute For Traditional In-person Therapy?

Is Talkspace A Substitute For Traditional In-person Therapy

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There are many options to look into when bettering your mental health. 

Becoming more physically active, eating healthier, drinking alcohol less often, and working on getting a regular eight hours of sleep are just a few. 

However, therapy is the holy grail when it comes to mental growth.

Does it matter if the therapy is online with Talkspace or in person?

Is Talkspace A Substitute For Traditional In-person Therapy?

Talkspace is not a substitute for therapy. Instead, it is an alternative option to traditional in-person therapy. 

Before we had smartphones with the capability to have crystal clear video and unlimited data, the only way to talk to your therapist for a therapy session was to meet them in their office.

An in-person therapy session would mean you would have to schedule a time that worked for both of your schedules. Then you would need to free up thirty to sixty minutes before and after the therapy session to travel to it and mentally decompress from the work you did. 

You could be looking at three hours of your day needing to be booked off, which for many of us, is too much of a hurdle to overcome in addition to the potentially expensive cost of a therapy session.

The online therapy platform Talkspace allows you to not only save time by not having to be physically in a specific location for your therapy session, but it also gives you more options to contact your therapist through text and more.

Is Talkspace A Substitute For Traditional In-person Therapy: Answer

If you cannot open up 1-2 multiple-hour windows in your week for in-person therapy sessions, then Talkspace is a great option to get your therapy work in.

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No, while Talkspace allows for text messaging your therapist it also gives you the opportunity do 60 minute video calls with them.

Yes, Talkspace uses real therapists that are certified.

Traditional therapy could also be refer to as psychotherapy.

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