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Whether you are new to therapy or looking for inspiration to seek professional help, this is your home for all things therapy.

Therapy Hub

I am super excited to share with you our Therapy Hub. Dealing with my own mental health struggles before starting Never Alone, I didn’t realize the value of seeking professional help until I was 32. We created Therapy Hub to cut that time into quarters, thirds or even half for your mental health journey.

We are going to make seeking help an easier process for you, by giving the value and insight needed to overcome the obstacles that will arise as you battle this beautifully twisted thing we call life.

You are not alone.

Why You Need a Therapist

Hiring a therapist is an investment in your mental health and happiness.

Creating these changes is very hard when you are working alone, and it is not always easy to talk with your family or friends. These reasons and many more, are why you need a therapist in your corner.

Please remember that therapy, like many things, takes time to see results.  Your anxiety, depression, stress, grief and all other mental health struggles didn’t occur in one day and they won’t disappear in one day either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy is whatever you need it to be. A Therapist is your rock in a rough and turbulent life, where you can always turn to them to listen to you and provide helpful insight. It allows you to have a safe place to work through every single hard time and break down every single favourable time so you can work on duplicating it.

What you do in Therapy generally focuses on having a conversation between you and your Therapist. There can be writing exercises and drawing, but you have the final say on what you want to do in these 60 minutes. The conversations will vary from general insight on your day or feelings to diving into your past interactions in life or emotions. Each session is unique in this way.

All in all, there are more similarities between Therapy and Counseling than differences. They both focus on questions, reflections and feedback through talking to help you achieve your goal of getting better. The focus of counseling might target more specific problems and changes in life adjustments. While a Therapist will be more focused on helping reconstruct your personal development and overall self-insight, helping make broad changes to help better you obtain your goal.

The cost of therapy can range from $60 – $200, all depending on the Province or State you are in, in Canada and United States. This is the same for other countries in the world. With the new structure of Online Therapy options currently around $250-$400 per month, the pricing options vary even more. It is best to find a therapist you want to use and ask for their prices.

You should be going to Therapy every week. However, this is not an option for everyone financially, so the next best option is two times a month. The best way to look at paying for a Therapy session out of your pocket is that you are investing in yourself to win in the future.

Therapy Help

We have searched the web looking for the trending inquiries around this topic and created unique articles that address them.  Let these articles below help guide you towards a better life. And remember, you are never alone in this journey.

Gain confidence in your journey if you have never been before or are a frequent user.

We dive into your mental checklist on what to go over and mentally prepare for before a session. Also, share helpful thought processes to use while sitting on the couch across from your therapist or staring at them through your zoom call.

Your parents love you and want the best for you, but they may not know how to react to this conversation. You need to remember that they grew up in a different time were talking about their feelings wasn’t so common.

Learn how to have a productive conversation around the topic of therapy and better your mental health.

You will learn about all the things going on in your life that are valuable to spend on a single session or more.

We commonly head to therapy because of one specific pain point in our life. Once you have worked that situation out, you can use these areas to keep your personal growth happening each session.

You will learn how to get the conversation started at the beginning of your session. It is common to find your mind blank, having a hard time putting your emotions into words for your therapist.

Here, you will learn how to loosen your tongue and find your voice again, getting the ball rolling, finding your voice on the real reason why you booked your session.

Therapy is like any other form of profession. After searching online, reading reviews and asking friends, you will hire your Therapist.

If things are not clicking between the two of you after four or more sessions, you should leave them and try someone new. You will learn how to contact your Therapist to do this the right way.

You did not ‘FAIL’ because of this, it is normal.

10 Types of therapy

Now that you have learned how to prepare and approach your  sessions, we have put together some of the top types of therapy available. These are guidelines on what to expect with each unique treatment and tips to make the most of it.

You will learn how Talk Therapy works in this article. Being the leading form of therapy, Talk Therapy has bridged the gap between in-person to Online Therapy.

We will share the benefits of Talk Therapy and 4 different types you can choose to do.

You will learn about the possible payment plans through Sliding Scale Therapy. Seeing a professional can be too expensive for you; choosing a Sliding Scale is a valuable cost effective way to do your sessions.

We go over the costs, alternatives to using a Sliding Scale and the positives in whatever form you choose to invest your money in yourself.

You will learn about the most accessible form of therapy to start today. Online Therapy can have you set up and ready to speak to your first Therapist in minutes.

We go over how Online therapy works from your perspective, what it can cost and the top 5 services in the market today.

You will learn about the currently illegal MDMA Therapy that helps treat PTSD and anxiety. Leaders in the psychedelic world are pushing to make this a legal therapy choice for all.

We go over what MDMA feels like, what a session can look like and more.

You will learn the difference between 1-on-1 therapy compared to a Group Therapy situation. There are different pricing options and types of therapy to think about.

We go over what Group Therapy is used for, its different types, and its significant benefits compared to other forms.

You will learn the difference between going to therapy alone and going with your loved one.

We go over the cost of Couples Therapy, different types of exercises you could go through in a session, and 30 questions you can use with your partner to help start addressing the situation.

You will learn what it is like to go to therapy with your family compared to what single sessions are like. There is a different cost and session structure.

We go over the techniques used, types of treatment plans, and the activities your therapist may have you participate in each session.

You will learn the basics of Reunification Therapy and how it differs from Structural Family Therapy.

We go over the potential process you may come across with Reunification Therapy, how court orders may happen for this type of therapy and also how the cost of it might be handled.

You will learn the basics of Ketamine Infusion Therapy and all of the questions around this new type of therapy treatment.

We go over the potential process you may come across with Ketamine Therapy, so you can feel a bit more at ease when you reach out to a professional therapist to work with in this.

You will learn the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and all of the questions around this type of therapy treatment.

We will explore everything there is to know about cognitive behavioural therapy, including who and why it can help, common techniques it uses, and how to get started if you’re interested in trying.