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This is your guide to the best meditation apps on the market. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or any other mental health struggle, these apps are essential tools for your day-to-day calm, tranquility and happiness.
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Best Meditation Apps to Improve Mental Health

Welcome to our Meditation App Hub, where you will find complete reviews on the top meditation apps, free and paid, that are available to add to your mental health toolbox. Be sure to use their 7-14 day free trials that many of these apps offer. The mindfulness meditation apps will guide you in your journey to bettering your mental health.

How will a meditation app help you?

Meditating helps you clear your mind of the stressful, depressive and anxiety-filled thoughts that occur daily; however, doing this is not easy for beginners. Meditate every day with a reminder in your phone calendar for one of these two times of day; After you wake up or before you go to bed. Use the guided meditation option, and whichever platform you choose will take you through the proper stages for the next 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meditation will help calm your brain and take you into a deep state of relaxation. When you meditate, you can help ease the anxiety, stress, fear, and depression happening at the moment. While setting yourself up to navigate challenging times with more ease as the months to years pass in your meditation practice.

When starting your meditation practice, aim for small goals of 5-10 minutes until you feel comfortable doing meditation daily. Once you feel at ease with your meditation sessions, expand them to 20-40 minutes. You can even do it two times a day if you would like for more healing meditation.

Meditating with relaxing music is a great way to ease yourself into your new meditation routine. Music can help deepen the positive effects and allow you to feel not so uncomfortable in a deathly quiet room. Be sure the music you choose does not distract you or make you want to start singing, also be wary of nodding off to the relaxing sleep music.

The act of showing up and attempting to meditate tells you that you are meditating correctly. You will see changes from your first session to your 100th and 10,000th, but there is no ‘wrong’ way to do it. As long as you try to calm your mind and better your mental health, you are winning.

Guided Meditations Apps 2022

We have spent time with each of the top meditation apps on the market, using them with the sole purpose of helping you better use whichever one you pick for your mental health needs. Let these apps below help guide you in your mental health and personal growth journey.

The Headspace app is one of the most user-friendly and aesthetically appealing apps on the market. They can also be found on Netflix.

Annual: $69.99 USD / $89.99 CAD
Monthly: $12.99 USD / $17.99 CAD.


  • The app provides helpful daily nudges to practice
  • Meditations may be downloaded and used offline


  • The workout section isn’t very expansive
  • You can only access a few basic sessions with a free version

Buddhify App

Buddhify is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to meditate over their average day.

Annual: $30 a year USD/CAD
Apple Store: $4.99 USD / $6.99 CAD
Google Store: $3.99 USD/CAD


  • Solo timer included
  • Almost all meditations are available for free


  • There is no desktop version
  • You can’t check-in or track progress overtime

Calm App

Through countless calming exercises, meditations, and breathing techniques, the Calm app is designed to make you mentally stronger, happier, and healthier.

Annual: $69.99 USD / $76.99 CAD
Monthly: $14.99 USD / $15.99 CAD
Lifetime: $399.99 USD / $499.99 CAD


  • Always adding new, quality content
  • Great music selection for various purposes like calming sleep


  • Limited offerings on Calm Body
  • The sleep stories are very long
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Sam Harris Waking Up App

If you’ve tried other meditation apps before but have struggled to keep practicing, Sam Harris’s Waking Up meditation app may be the app you need in your life.

Annual: $99.99 USD / $119.99 CAD
Lifetime: $499.99 USD


  • Most fans of the app are adamant about this meditation app being the only one that has changed their life


  • Overall, this app seems to require more intellectual discernment and curiosity on behalf of the user.

Ten Percent Happier app

The Ten Percent Happier app has relatable lessons and topics, helpful guidance, and practical teachings that I believe can do what the app suggests in its title – help us all become 10% happier.

Annual: $99.99 USD


  • Introductory videos that help prepare the user for the practice
  • Offers reasonably timed sleep meditations


  • The cost is higher than most meditation apps with substandard offerings for the free version
  • Users may find it difficult to work on specific goals
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Insight Timer App

I believe that whatever you are searching for, you will find it here at the Insight Timer— but more than that, you might discover things you weren’t expecting if you are willing to keep an open mind.

Annual: $60.00 USD


  • There is a ton of free, quality content.
  • The above-average social aspect, such as creating and joining groups


  • Technical glitches with the app after updates
  • Struggle to navigate the app due to all the choices and features
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Unplug App

Be calm in the chaos with the Unplug meditation app. This clean and simple design could be your gateway to daily meditation in no time. Take some time and dive into this informative, not pricey app.

Annual: $69.99 USD
Month: $12.99 USD


  • Offline download
  • Clean, modern design, with beautifully edited videos


  • Limited navigation features
  • Non-personalized home feed (e.g., doesn’t display your current course)

Simple Habit App

Stress less, achieve more and live better with the Simple Habit app. The Simple Habit app offers more than 2,000 guided meditations for your stress, anxiety, sleep and more.

Annual: $89.99 USD
Month: $11.99 USD


  • A lot of different options for meditations
  • Features that track your progress


  • You can meditate with nature sound, but you cannot change it
  • Pricey annual subscription