How To Cancel Talkspace On The Mobile App

How To Cancel Talkspace On The Mobile App

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To cancel your Talkspace subscription, you will first want to decide if you will do this through the mobile app or on the website. There is no wrong way to cancel your subscription. It is just that each platform has a different sequence you must follow.

Before you follow the steps below, you may want to look into changing your therapist on the Talkspace app. Sometimes you just need to test out a few therapists before it clicks.

How To Cancel Talkspace On The Mobile App

You can follow these steps to cancel your Talkspace subscription using the mobile app. If you decide you want to fully delete your Talkspace account there is that option as well.

1. Open Talkspace App

Open the Talkspace mobile app on your device.

2. Log into account

Log in to your account using your registered email address and password.

3. Click "Gear wheel"

Once you’re logged in, navigate to your account settings or profile settings, it will look like a gear wheel. Look for an icon or menu option that represents settings, usually located in the bottom right or top right corner of the app interface.

4. Click "Payment plan"

Within the settings menu, search for a section related to your subscription, billing information or payment plan.

5. Click "Stop subscription renewal"

Look for an option like “Manage Subscription,” “Stop subscriptin renewal,” “Subscription Settings,” or “Cancel Subscription.” Tap on it.

6. Follow on-screen prompts

You may be asked to confirm your decision or provide a reason for cancellation. Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed. If necessary, provide any additional information or feedback as requested.

7. Double-check confirmation

Double-check the cancellation confirmation to ensure your subscription has been successfully canceled.

8. Contact Talkspace support if needed

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions, consider contacting Talkspace customer support directly through the app’s support or contact options. The email for Talkspace support is

Remember to review the terms and conditions of your subscription and any cancellation policies provided by Talkspace to understand any potential fees, notice periods, or other requirements for cancellation.

What to do next

Now that you have stopped seeing your therapist on Talkspace, do not let that mean you have given up on therapy altogether. It is common to break up with a therapist; for most people, it takes a handful of therapists to find the perfect one.

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Talkspace says that live sessions must be canceled more than 24 hours before the scheduled session not to be charged.

The Talkspace live sessions occur in real-time and are pre-scheduled with your provider to meet for an audio, video, or chat session at a designated time.

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