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Your time is up using BetterHelp. I hope you got value out of the time on the BetterHelp platform. Let me show you the steps on how to cancel BetterHelp.

There are also the options to pause or delete your BetterHelp profile.

How To Cancel BetterHelp

1. Click "Account Settings"

Click on the drop-down arrow next to your name and profile photo, then select “Account Settings.

2. Payment Settings

Under “Payment Settings,” click on “Change Plan/Quit Counseling.” A pop-up menu opens that lists different choices for changing your subscription.

3. Click "Quit Therapy"

Select the final choice on the list “Quit Therapy“. This opens a questionnaire to fill out explaining why you’re quitting.

4. Fill Out Questionnaire 

Fill out the questionnaire and click on “Quit Counseling.”

After you cancel, you can use the service through the end of your current pay period.

After you cancel your BetterHelp account, do you plan to find a new therapist?

It is common to break up with your therapist; it comes with the nature of any profession. Perhaps you outgrew what they had to offer, or they weren’t the right person for you.

Let me help you find a new therapist; there is always room to grow, and the right person is out there!

You just have to do some work sometimes to find them.

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Yes, BetterHelp has made canceling your subscription with them relatively easy. And once you quit, you can use their service until the pay period ends.

BetterHelp considers each case individually when offering refunds. You will have to contact BetterHelp about this.

Yes, BetterHelp offers a monthly subscription plan for you to use. There are also weekly and quarterly plans.

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