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Regain Therapy is operated by BetterHelp. Like BetterHelp, they have pricing options, but unlike BetterHelp, you need to go through the application process to see the quoted prices curated from your needs.

How Much Is Regain Therapy?

The monthly cost of Regain ranges from $240 to $360, equivalent to $60 to $90 per week. The precise pricing of your subscription is contingent on your location, preference, and the accessibility of the licensed therapists you choose. After completing your initial assessment, Regain will provide you with a customized quote for their services.

Once you acquire a Regain subscription, your membership commences immediately, and subsequent billing occurs every four weeks. If there is a delay in matching you with a therapist, your membership will only begin once the matching process is completed.

Regain Therapy does not take insurance.

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