How Long Do Therapy Sessions Last? Answered

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How long do therapy sessions last?

Therapy sessions last 60 minutes. 50 to 55 minutes is for the working therapy time and the extra time is for the office work needed. Office work includes paying for your session, getting the therapist to sign any documents for your insurance and putting your next therapy session into the calendar.

Here is How Long do Therapy Sessions Last? Answered.

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In this article, I want to help you feel more comfortable in your days leading up to your first therapist. The more you know, the more you can ease the anxiety of meeting your therapist for the first time. 

How Long Do Therapy Sessions Last?

Therapy sessions last 60 minutes.

You will commonly hear from therapists and sources online that some therapy sessions are 50-55 minutes long. When you read this, they refer to the ‘working’ therapeutic session being the 50-55 minutes and allowing for 5-10 minutes of ‘office’ work. 

The office work tends to deal with payment of the session, signing any documents you need for insurance and setting up your next session in the calendar. 

Sixty minutes is the standard set of time most therapists follow; like most professions, they charge by the hour. However, they are allowed to set times for whenever they want. 

With this knowledge, you should ask your therapist how long the session will be. Be sure to include this in your initial email to them, if you remember. Follow our guide on how to email a therapist for the first time if you have not reached out to one yet.

Can a therapy session last two hours?

Yes, a therapy session can last 2 hours. You will need first to confirm this with your therapist to see if they have the allotted time and agree that a 2-hour session will be valuable for you.

Can a therapy session be thirty minutes?

30-minute therapy sessions depend on the therapist and platform. Most in-person therapists will only schedule 60-minute sessions, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if they can split the time in half. However, online therapy is offering more options on length of sessions.

Online therapy platforms

Online therapy has more flexibility with its session duration. You can find 30 – 50 minute sessions with BetterHelp, Calmerry, and

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Your first therapy session lasts 55 minutes. Every other therapy session after that will stay the same time, 55 minutes.

A 30-minute therapy session is long enough if your only other option is not to go to your therapy appointment. However, if you can manage to go longer, you should choose the 55-minute therapy session.

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