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Hey my friend, as always, I aim to give you pure facts plus my personal insights from going to 200+ therapy sessions.

The best way to find out how long your upcoming therapy session will be is to ask your therapist when you contact them to set up the appointment.

How Long Are Therapy Sessions?

Therapy sessions are 55 minutes long. 55 minutes is the standard time slot you will find when booking a therapy session in person or online

However, your therapist may give you a few options for how long your therapy sessions are. 30 minutes, 45 minutes & 90 minutes therapy sessions might be an option for you.

How long are therapy sessions: Broken down

The therapist will most likely break down your hour-long therapy session into a few segments. From my 200+ sessions, this is the generic segmentation you will find in your first and following sessions.

Remember that we all are going to therapy for our own reasons, so these exact times and segments will vary.

1. Your first therapy session

  • 1-10 minutes: Covering any paperwork/documentation needed to be signed off.
  • 11-30 minutes: Your therapist will want to get to know a bit about you / tying in why you are there.
  • 31-50 minutes: General therapy talk.
  • 51-55 minutes: Scheduling the next session/getting you set up with outside work (if there is any).

2. Following therapy sessions

  • 1-10 minutes: Check in on your last days since the previous therapy session.
  • 11-51 minutes: General therapy talk.
  • 51-55 minutes: Scheduling the next session/getting you set up with outside work (if there is any).

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The average therapy sessions last 55 minutes. You can find 30min sessions and sometimes 90-minute sessions, however.

The normal length of time for a single therapy session is 55 minutes. The normal time for going to therapy is however long you need the mental support and coaching.

A 30-minute therapy session is better than not going at all. However, if you can find time for 60 minutes, you will get more out of that appointment.

Therapy is only 55 minutes because the therapist needs time between appointments for themselves.

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