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Help Out Your Mental Health Today.

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, fear or any other mental health struggle, you have come to the right place.

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Unfortunately, the world is a scary place that is overbearing and will beat us down over and over again. That is where Never Alone comes in. We are here to help show you how to build yourself up and find that confidence and happiness you once knew.

We are not therapists nor doctors. However, everything we create focuses on giving you the confidence to take that step to seek help from the professional services you may find helpful to feel better.

We are with you day in and day out, helping guide you in the right direction from sunup to sundown.

Recent Mental Health Blogs

Here are 3 of our most recent blogs to help you get started. In our blogs, we try to take the content above the standard of creating a list of symptoms. Instead, each blog’s goal is to inform the reader on what a specific feeling may be and give actionable advice to try on their own to ease the unpleasant symptoms.

how often do people go to therapy
Therapy Questions

How Often Do People Go To Therapy?

The majority of people going to therapy average three sessions a month. Their focus is to go every week (4 sessions a month), but life ...
Is In-person Therapy Better Than Online
Therapy Questions

Is In-person Therapy Better Than Online?

No, when working with a therapist, there is no difference between getting mental health help from an online or in-person conversation. 
Is Online Therapy Better Than In-person
Therapy Questions

Is Online Therapy Better Than In-person?

The question "Is online therapy better than in-person "can't be answered with a simple YES/NO.

What Do You Need Help With?

We have put together a few key areas that address what many people are going through in the entire world. You are not alone searching for help here. Each section dives deeper into finding your path forward.

neveralone mental health


Practical tips and how-tos for dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and more.

neveralone mental health depression


Practical tips and how-tos for dealing with sadness, depression, and more.

neveralone mental health therapy v1


A complete guide to therapy and taking steps to get mental health help.

neveralone mental health


How to get and stay motivated to exercise regularly.

neveralone mental health mental health toolbox v1


Mental health tools to develop your long-term mental health.

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Personal mental health stories. #weareneveralone

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neveralone mental health anxiety

Anxiety Resources

The statistics say that around 20% of the world’s population deals with anxiety and the daily symptoms that come with it. We believe that more people than this are feeling these common health effects.

neveralone mental health anxiety

You are not alone in your anxiety.

Do you get anxiety attacks? Feel the overbearing weight of social anxiety? Or recognize many anxiety symptoms throughout your day?

You are not alone if you can relate to these anxious feelings.

A quick tip for dealing with anxiety.

Try this simple 30-second calm down called the 4-4-4-4 rule:

  • Take 4 deep breathes.
  • Name 4 things you see.
  • Name 4 sounds you hear.
  • Move 4 parts of your body.

Helpful Blogs:

  • How To Explain Anxiety To Someone
  • Situational anxiety: 10 tips
  • Teenage Angst: 5 Helpful Insights For Teens
neveralone mental health depression

Depression Resources

More than 264,000,000 people worldwide deal with depression every day. Take a second and contemplate how many people that is. You are not alone.

neveralone mental health depression

You are not alone in your depression.

Are you showing signs of depression?

Perhaps grief, PTSD symptoms or seasonal depression (SAD) is affecting you.

The four types of depression.

Did you know there are four main categories of depression? They include:

  • Major Depression
  • Persistent Depression
  • Manic Depression
  • Seasonal Depression

To help ease the burden of all of them, here are some steps:

  • Be more active
  • Eat healthier foods
  • Get more sleep
  • Create a morning routine

Helpful Blogs:

  • Dating someone with depression: 15 tips
  • I have crippling depression: Why, and 7 ways to treat
  • How to naturally fight seasonal depression: 9 tips
neveralone mental health therapy v1

Therapy Resources

It is hard to get an exact number, but a guesstimation is less than 10% of the population sees a therapist to help them deal with their mental health struggles.

neveralone mental health therapy v1

The biggest hurdle to therapy.

Knowing what to talk about in therapy has been one of the biggest hurdles we asked why people didn’t seek professional help, this is why we created the Therapy Hub.

We created an article that helps guide you on topics to talk about with your therapist.

Therapy talking tips.

So here are 3 simple topics that will help get the conversation started in your first therapy session.

  • Talk about your past
  • Talk through thoughts that feel too small to mention
  • Tell them the last time you laughed

Helpful Blogs:

Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories.

I really appreciate the way Never Alone is focusing on changing the way the world views mental health. So many of the mental health initiatives and advocates I see on twitter and social media I can’t connect with. Paul Marlow is doing an awesome job of humanizing mental health struggles and connecting our daily actions as the base of finding a way out.
this is a photo of Hafeez Noorani
Hafeez Noorani
Marketing Specialist
Never Alone is a standout resource that provides an in depth and diverse collection of information, tools, tips and connections within mental health. They provide an accessible and approachable way to open the conversation surrounding mental health and make it not only informative and helpful but also personal and easily applicable. I appreciate the non-judgemental and honest information and how genuine the Never Alone community is.
this is a photo of Joel Robison
Joel Robison
Artist and Mental Health Advocate
Paul Marlow founder of Never Alone is truly making a impact on how the world views mental health. He is breaking the stigma by raising awareness for mental health with honesty and vulnerability and sharing attainable actions that you can do on a daily basis to help start and continue your journey to healing
This is a photo of Julie Véronneau
Julie Véronneau
Health & Fitness Advocate
neveralone mental health exercise

Exercise Resources

Our belief is that daily working out and movement will help combat the stresses of life: anxiety, depression and all other mental health struggles.

neveralone mental health exercise

The impact of exercise.

Getting active and pushing yourself is not easy when feeling like doing nothing. However, driving through the physical and mental pain, breaking a sweat and looking back at what you just achieved will bring a sense of pride to wash away any negative feelings.

Quick exercise wins.

Here are 3 actions you can do right now, and in 30 minutes, you will have finished your day’s workout!

  • Go for a walk outside
  • Climb 20 flights of stairs in your work/home building
  • Follow a yoga routine on Youtube

Helpful Blogs:

neveralone mental health mental health toolbox v1

Mental Health Toolbox

There are a lot of ways on how to improve your mental health. Your most significant focus should be working with a professional therapist. However, you have 167 hours left in the week. That’s why we created the Mental Health Toolbox.

neveralone mental health mental health toolbox v1

Learning to play the long-term game.

Every day you have a chance to better yourself. Mental health happiness is a long-term game, and it doesn’t happen overnight. In time you can beat depression, anxiety, or whatever may be affecting you.

Our top mental health tools.

Here are 3 blog posts that highlight great tools to add to your mental health toolbox today.

Helpful Tools:

neveralone mental health stories v1

Never Alone Stories

Check out our mental health guest post submissions. Hearing others opening up about anxiety, depression, racism, abuse, or anything else can be inspirational to a reader.

neveralone mental health stories v1

We Share To Connect Us To Each OTher.

Never Alone came to life because our founder Paul Marlow shared his story of battling PTSD from a tough breakup and then watching his father fight Parkinson’s disease and then die from cancer. Without sharing his story through social media and online, he wouldn’t have found happiness again.

We Are Never Alone.

Take a look at a few of our amazing and inspiring Never Alone Stories.

Helpful Blogs:

Mental health is a combination of factors that occur in our daily life. When you allow yourself to slow down and look at what is happening in your day to day life you can change your happiness for the better. And remember, you are never alone in this journey.
Join the Never Alone community for helpful tips and insights on bettering your health.
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