Does Talking To A Therapist Help? YES

does talking to a therapist help

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Hey fam, I am delighted your online search “does talking to a therapist help?” 

This is a positive step for you in not only your mental health and happiness but also your growth as an individual. Even if you don’t seek out a therapist to talk to today, the seed has been planted inside of you, and one day, I’m positive you will add therapy to your monthly investments in yourself.

Let me do my best to convince you to email a therapist today.

Does Talking To A Therapist Help?

Yes, talking to a therapist does help. It helps in more ways than you can imagine. Finding happiness, dealing with life stresses, getting relationship help, fixing sexual issues, being more confident, and making more income are just a tiny sampling of how talking to a therapist can help you.

1. Ability to speak what's on your mind

The most beneficial step of talking to a therapist comes from the simple act of “talking.” Yes, you read that correctly. Speaking freely is the most significant value of investing in therapy. 

There is so much going on in your life that has immense importance to you; it is hard to give each thing the time needed to address it adequately and move forward. This leads to having thousands of thoughts and conversations with yourself swirling inside your head. 

You may have a handle on these inner conversations to a point. However, when you can finally voice your thoughts to your therapist, you’ll feel a considerable weight lift off your shoulders. 

Stress, anxiety, fear, and doubt will leave your body, while a sense of confidence will replace them.

2. Relationships - loneliness - sexual problems

It’s becoming increasingly clear that how we engage in society and our daily lives directly impacts our ability to connect with other humans on an in-person level. I am referring to the ever-growing use of social media and online technology. 

Don’t get me wrong, the value of how fast technology grows is a considerable aid in many fields. However, it is harming the majority of the population regarding human connection. 

From finding a partner to go on a date to interacting with a neighbor at the grocery store is not the same as it was only a few years ago. And then there are the easily accessible vast amounts of sexual content from Only Fans to Twitter to online dating platforms. 

Most of our online interactions do not mimic how we would act in person, making it hard to navigate the line between the two. 

Talking with a therapist can help you navigate what is real and what is done online. There is also relationship therapy and sex addiction therapy to focus on areas if needed.

3. Financial - work growth

The days of finding a lifelong job out of high school and taking out a mortgage to buy a reasonably priced home by 25 are done. 

The average person has 12 jobs in their lifetime, and in many major cities worldwide, the minimum wage doesn’t cover basic needs. The stress of living your whole life in debt is a reality for more and more people as the years pass. 

Working with a therapist can help by allowing you to voice the fears inside your head. Talking about the debt, the stress of affording sufficient food for your family, and other areas like this will help unburden their weight. 

While talking about these stresses, there can be a positive interaction with seeing things more clearly. Perhaps a path to rise the ranks at your job, to get a pay raise, or seek a side job that you enjoy and spark your entrepreneurial hustle. 

4. Change things you don't like about yourself

Personal growth is a thing, and speaking from personal experience, it is an amazing life-changing thing! 

There are a lot of traits you are born with and grow up learning from your family members and how your childhood went. And then high school hits as you are in the throws of evolving into the grownup you will become. 

Your parents pass down many positive traits from these times; friendships create, and general life experiences mold. However, there are often a few things that, as time passes, you begin to see as negatives holding you back from being the person you want to become. 

I found talk therapy to have been a significant aid in turning into the person I envisioned as I was growing up. However, the single MDMA therapy I did with my therapist and the following LSD journey with the same therapist was the most positive broad sweeping changes I have made.

5. Overall bettering your life

Therapy will better your life. It is as simple as that. 

Speaking with another human who has gone to school for this exact purpose, making them a professional at what they do, is one of the greatest tools available. 

Therapy will better your life if you come at it with the understanding that it is not a get-healthy-quick scheme. Like all good things, therapy takes time to become the valuable tool you are seeking. 

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Yes, seeing a therapist will help not only with your mental health and happiness but also in bettering you as a person.

The point of talking to a therapist is that they will help you work through all the anxiety, stress, unhappiness, life questions, and more going through your head.

For people who have gone to therapy more than three times a month for consecutive months see a very high success rate.

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