Unplug App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

Unplug App Review

Be Calm In The Chaos

Welcome to the Unplug app review. Unplug states on their website that they offer “In-person, live-stream & on-demand meditation classes to feel relaxed, sleep better and thrive.” As mental health leaders, this statement checks all the boxes off for us, but we will let the review let you know if it is worth downloading.

Here is Unplug App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022.

Welcome to our Unplug Meditation App review!

In this Unplug App review, we will go over important details about the Unplug Meditation app and talk about my own experience using it to give you a more detailed understanding before downloading!

This blog post will be your in-depth guide, where you can learn all about what this app is and how you can use it to improve your life. I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you on this app that’s been receiving rave reviews from users worldwide since its release in 2014.

What is Unplug?

The apps that we use daily can affect our mental health. Many people realize the impact of what they consume and how it affects them, so many meditation apps have been popping up to give you a more productive way to use your phone. The Unplug app is one of those apps with mindfulness exercises designed to help you achieve peace and relaxation through guided video sessions.

Unplug touts itself as the app with the world’s largest collection of practical meditations. And I can certainly vouch that they offer a variety of simple classes that make meditation feel effortless and achievable daily, as is their mission!

Practical as their meditation sessions and courses may be, they are also led by some of the top meditation teachers in the United States. But hold on a second – that’s not exactly a different fact from most other meditation apps out there. So, what makes the Unplug App so unique?

Well, this amazing global app started as a studio! The world’s first drop-in meditation studio, where all its 850+ videos are filmed from their studio located in Los Angeles (West Hollywood). Their other studio is in Santa Monica, where they’ve had people fly in from other countries to experience Unplug in-person.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Unplug transitioned quickly to offer everything virtually. Now their students can choose between coming into one of their classes or doing them online. But users of the app, ranging from age 6-96, can reap all the same benefits of their recorded video sessions, including minimizing stress, increasing productivity, finding purpose in life, and becoming calmer, healthier, and happier!

As a final note about Unplug before we dive into the app’s details, Unplug Meditation is also a secular meditation studio, meaning you won’t find any meditations or courses based on religion or spirituality – only straightforward yet powerful content designed to inspire you to pause and breathe daily!

Who owns unplug meditation?

Unplug Meditation was founded by a woman named Suze Yalof Schwartz. Suze was a busy, working mother brand new to meditation until she stumbled onto a 3-minute visualization technique in 2012 that opened her eyes entirely. After hundreds of courses, books, lectures, and podcasts, Suze released Unplug two years later, intending to curate the best of what was out in the world.

Unplug Pros

  • Over 850 filmed live meditations with a wide variety of content
  • Reminders to meditate! (Set to the time of your choosing)
  • Gratitude journal & timer
  • Offline download
  • Clean, modern design, with beautifully edited videos
  • Exceptional desktop version

Unplug Cons

  • Limited navigation features
  • Non-personalized home feed (e.g., doesn’t display your current course)
  • Not free; relatively high monthly price compared to an annual subscription

Is Unplug a good app?

The Unplug app is an amazing app that will guide you through meditation sessions and courses designed to help you in all areas of your life.

In just a couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve already seen improvements in my life. Maybe it’s the fact that with every meditation I’ve done so far, I feel like I can truly do it from anywhere. There’s no need for any special meditation pillows or props, let alone instructions for me to get out of bed. I haven’t had a teacher yet tell me to sit up tall or specifically in a chair – and I can’t say the same for other apps. It truly is an app that you can use anytime, anyplace, which is what it’s best known for.

It’s all just so simple and useful, where each lightly guided meditation I’ve done has left me feeling grounded and refreshed. This, in turn, has helped me focus better throughout the day and stay calmer throughout daily stressors and hurdles.

That said, Unplug is a meditation app that makes it easy to find the right session for your specific need or mood. Whether you’re looking for something soothing or more encouraging, Unplug has just what you need.
Unplug offers all the helpful topics that you’d expect to see with most meditation apps, including:

  • Work & Productivity
  • Great for Beginners
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Travel
  • Morning
  • Panic Button

This app also offers a dedicated category for mindfulness, rather than grouping mindfulness into all meditations, which is nice because not all mindfulness is based on meditation.

Unique and Unusual is a neat category, where you can find meditations on everything from aromatherapy to Ayurveda, crystals, LGBQT+, and EFT Tapping.

This is a screenshot of the Unique & Unusual section on Unplug Meditation app

A few other categories I love that are similar in how specialized and informative their meditations include Sound Healing, Hypnosis, and Healthy Eating & Exercise.

And while it doesn’t relate to me personally, I love that they include a section for kids and one for family & pregnancy. Getting kids started with meditation and mindfulness early is so important, as is having a resource for parents and families to turn to and work their hectic lives and unique challenges.

How much does the Unplug app cost?

The Unplug app is free to download and completely user-friendly.

Unplug offers a free 7-day trial with unlimited access to content. When you sign up, you must enter your personal and credit card information and select which plan you’d like to follow once the trial is up (which you can cancel before the seven days is up to avoid being charged).

Unplug offers a monthly plan: USD 12.99 per month.

They also offer a yearly plan: USD 69.00 per year.

This is a screenshot of the payment section on Unplug Meditation App
This is a screenshot of the payment section on Unplug App

If you pull up their website, there is an option to enter a promo code upon purchasing either plan. These codes likely vary from time to time, but after a quick Google search for “unplug promo codes,” there appear to be a few worth trying!

The only downside is that if you already have an account and are enrolled in a free trial, you do not have this promo code option – it must be a new account. Conversely, if you use a promo code and sign up for a monthly or yearly plan, it doesn’t seem to come with the 7-day trial.

But there are ways around this if you love what you see from the trial but would like a discounted plan too; for instance, canceling your current plan before your seven days is up and resigning up with a new email!

How to use Unplug Meditation App

Unplug is an incredibly simple app.

First off, at any point within the app, you can easily access your profile at the top righthand corner. This is visible no matter where you are in the app. Your profile tab is where you can access your settings, bio (you can upload a picture), and, more importantly, your meditation stats (if you like to keep track of that).

home page - Today Tab

The home page, or Today tab, features a meditation of the day, and beneath that, there is Unplug’s latest or featured course or challenge. Currently, the featured course is called “Best You 2022”, a series designed to help you swipe your inner slate clean and become more intentional and empowered to make positive changes in your life.

One thing to note about Unplug’s Courses (the third tab when looking at the app’s navigation bar) – they aren’t exactly educational courses in the sense that other meditation apps have. Rather, Unplug selects meditations from the app that are intentionally planned and broken out into days.

That said, you still get a ton of useful and practical information from these sessions, but rather than a person talking at you, the lessons are seamlessly integrated into the meditations! This is a huge part of what makes Unplug’s content not only practical but effective, and, in my opinion, meditations that can teach you something are far more useful than listening to a course.

As I mentioned before about the variety of topics this app offers, not all sessions are strictly meditations. For instance, if you open the Healthy Eating course, you will find hypnosis, EFT tapping, and mantra-based sessions.

This is a screenshot of Unplug App homepage


This app’s Discover section (second tab) allows you to search for content by topics, teachers, and time. So, if you don’t see something you’re looking for right away, you can type it in and see what comes up. There aren’t many topics, and all the content seems appropriately categorized, making this app so simple to use.

Still, let’s say you wanted to search the word “calm” because you aren’t sure what topic that might fall under; you can use the search bar at the top, and Unplug will pull up all relevant content; it all seems to be sorted by relevancy too!

This is a screenshot of Unplug Meditation App discover section

If you discover a teacher you like on this app, whether world-renowned meditation and stress management expert Davidji or clinical hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Sherly Sulaiman, you can easily find them in the discover tab. When you click on their profile, you can read more about them and even send an inquiry email to book a private session with them.

this is a screenshot of the Unplug App teacher section
This is a screen shot of Davidji on unplug app

I imagine it’d be hard to find a teacher you don’t love in this app in this app, as the app features sessions led by:

  • Guided meditation specialists
  • Awareness and Mindfulness coaches
  • Sleep scientists
  • Breathwork experts
  • Aromatherapists
  • Stress Managers
  • Relationship coaches

…the list goes on!


The third part of the discover tab is where you can search for meditations by time: from 5 minutes or less, 10 minutes or less, and so on – up to over 30 minutes.

My Library

The fourth section of the app is called My Library. This section is where you can find all your recently watched and “liked” meditations. You can also access your playlists here. Each meditation on the Unplug app is easy to like, share, add to your own playlist, and even download for offline use. A unique feature called “SharePlay” enables you to share a session over Facetime.


The fifth and final section, Tools, allows you to access Unplug’s timer and journal. Here you can set a timer for up to 60 minutes to meditate on your own. The journal is a gratitude journal, where each day on the monthly calendar, it provides three spaces to fill out three things you are grateful for! You can also add more, along with notes on how you’re feeling or anything else you want to add.

This is a screenshot of the unplug apps journal

This is a fundamental and helpful feature, and I’m glad that it’s not too overdone. There are so many other apps like Calm that prompts you to check in or express how you’re feeling by choosing from a selection of “smiley faces”. Despite there being way too many moods and faces to choose from, it still feels limiting in a sense.

While Calm also has a neat little gratitude check-in, it also has a mood check-in, a daily calm reflection, and a sleep check-in. It makes me appreciate how simple Unplug is, and the calendar view makes it easy to see and look back on. Overall, I believe a gratitude journal or list is the most practical option to offer, and therefore the one people are more likely to use regularly and benefit from.

That said, we’re all different, which is why it’s great that there are so many apps available for us to all pick and choose from.

Meditation Apps: Never Alone Review Guide

To help you decide between the top meditation apps out there in the market, we spent multiple weeks using each of them and breaking down our findings. Now that you have heard all Unplug app has to offer, read how it compares to the other meditation apps on the market and which app we think is best between them.

Unplug vs. Headspace

Both apps provide meditation content right to your home pages, such as the latest and greatest recommended meditation or course. Still, neither app shows personalized or customized content. Although Headspace shows you a ton of new content daily, my vote is for Unplug and its courses that are easier to filter through yourself and see what you’re getting beforehand (i.e., number of courses/days). 

Unplug vs. Calm

Unplug and Calm are both wonderful, attractive apps. Unplug may not have as many specialized sections as Calm, such as Calm’s movement, music, and sleep tabs; still, all this makes for a pretty busy app! I used to appreciate Calm because it made you feel exactly that when you first opened the app to take in the lovely nature scenes and sounds. But now, it’s all a bit overwhelming, and for me, that detracts from what these apps are all about: meditation. Unplug has my vote because it delivers quality content without the fluff and fuss.

Unplug vs. Insight Timer

Unplug may tout itself as the app that’s all about simplicity (which it is!), but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. From healing sound baths to hypnosis, these apps score major points over other apps that brush the surface of meditation and mindfulness. Insight Timer feels busy at times, but I love that it’s an all-encompassing app that takes mindfulness up just one more level by including yoga classes and not limiting it to non-secular courses. For these reasons, I vote for Insight Timer.

Unplug vs. Ten Percent Happier

These two apps are perfect for you if you’re looking for meditation and mindfulness that is practical and relatable. Ten Percent Happier has video introductions that, while authentic and helpful, create almost a disconnect in the experience. While you can choose to skip the video introduction in each session, it still makes me feel like I’ll miss something if I do. When it comes down to it, I like Unplug more because it dives right into the meditation and usually teaches you something along the way.

Unplug vs. Buddhify

If you’re looking for an app that’s easy to pick up and use morning, day, or night, look no further than Buddhify or Unplug. Both apps feature meditations that are thought-provoking and high-quality, and practical in terms of time and useful topics. If Buddhify could put a little more time into creating courses or other useful features like a gratitude journal, it would score a few more points for me. But as it stands, I vote for Unplug as an app that can be used anywhere at any time, with meditations led by a wider variety of knowledgeable teachers (and voices).

Unplug vs. Sam Harris Waking Up

As with Waking Up VS. most other meditation apps, these two are tough to compare! Unplug has become that app that I love to pull up each morning (actually, more than just the morning). Meanwhile, Waking Up is that invaluable app that offers scholarly content you can’t find elsewhere – it’s just not the kind of content most people want or are prepared to listen to at any given time. I vote for Unplug as a better daily app with more relatable content.

Unplug vs. Simple Habit

Simple Habit has a few things that Unplug does not, such as exercise, sleep, and sound elements. Surprisingly, I also prefer Simple Habits filtering capability, whereas Unplug leaves you with a long list of sessions to choose from. All that said, I think Unplug has better quality meditations and teachers, and its tools are easier to find, so my vote is for Unplug.

Unplug App Review: The Takeaway

The bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a way to reduce stress, increase productivity and find your purpose in life, Unplug Meditation App is the perfect solution. With an ever-growing library of classes led by the top experts in the field, Unplug provides a unique and simple way to learn meditation.

Rather than following a rigid method and telling you what to do, Unplug allows you to find your own experience and teaches you that “there are no mistakes.” You choose what feels right for you.

Unplug App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022
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This is the in-depth Unplug App Review. In this review we go over everything from signing up to how to use it best for your mental health goals.

Price: 69.00

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: IOS, Android

Application Category: Meditation App

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