A Letter From The Frontline: Thank You Coronavirus Helpers (You’re Heroes)

this is a drawing of a black nurse carrying the world on her back

Vickey boateng

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Vicky Boateng is a Trauma ICU Registered Nurse in Toronto, Canada. Give her Instagram some love and send her a DM thanking her for being a hero in these hard times.

This is her story…

A Letter From The Frontline: Thank You Coronavirus Helpers (You Are Heroes)

A Letter From The Frontline: Thank You Coronavirus Helpers (You Are Heroes)

The alarm goes off at 0600, I reach over to shut it off.

I take a deep breath in and wipe the sleep from my eyes, my arm reaches for my phone to look at Instagram.

wait you promised you would do a gratitude list in the morning.”

I mean you got to wake up today, you know at first hand not everyone gets to wake up to see another day.

Remember you are a HERO

Thank you for the air in my lungs

Thank you for the movement in my body.

Thank you for the roof over my head.

Remember you are a HERO

Feet are planted on the ground, inhale, exhale repeat. You got this girl another day to share your light, love and soul to help people. I should be proud, happy they call you a HERO!

Well, wrong I feel anxious, angry, confused, and isolated. I haven’t had physical touch in a long time because people think I will give them COVID….I am on the verge of tears, I feel very overwhelmed.
 So you are saying I am a HERO when I am in the hospital, but who checks on the HEROES when they aren’t at the hospital?

As I wash my hands for the first of many hand washes today, I think about the shift to come and the number of cases. How many more today?

As I place my mask on and breathe, I think about the patient who took their last breath due to COVID from the last shift.

As I hold the handle to open the door, I think of the man’s hand I was holding while he took his last breath.

As I feel the air hit my raw skin after I take my mask off post 12 hours, I think of all those patients not knowing what my face actually looks like.

As I enter the hospital, I wonder…  “will this be the day I get COVID? is there enough PPE? what are the new rules for today…”

Since COVID started I have felt like I am in the ocean, and the waves continue to crash over me. Not giving me a time to catch my breath.

Someone asked me why I am still doing this job.
 Despite the roller coaster of anxious thoughts that leave me awake at night I just know I can not let my work family and public down.

There is a bond you have when you work in healthcare. This is just what you do when you are working the frontlines with your brothers and sisters. You are not alone in it, but it still gets lonely. We keep on fighting no matter what

Remember you are a HERO

This is a friendly reminder to the public that your local HEROES are still people too. Carrying the weight of responsibility of being a “HERO” is exhausting.

We have good days and bad, and this pandemic is taking a big toll on us all, constantly working in high stress situations, missing our families, the stress of putting yourself on the line every time you head into work. We are all actively working on showing ourselves some extra grace during these difficult times.

The compliment is appreciated, truly, but just remember we are regular people too. Check in on your local HEROES. See how they are doing mentally, physically and emotionally.

Help your HEROES…actions speak louder than words:

Wash your hands for a HERO

Wear a mask for a HERO

Social distance for a HERO

Be patient for a HERO

Pray for a HERO

This way we all become HEROES

Take a second and give your thanks right now and leave a comment below tagging your friends and family who are on the frontline.

Let them know how grateful you are❤️

This is an infographic for thank you coronavirus helpers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: Interview with Vicky Boateng

Thank you coronavirus helpers, all of you working the front lines. The Never Alone family loves you.

You are all heroes, but heroes need help too. I wrote this blog post to help those just like you who want to get therapy help, but unsure of what to say once there.

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