Ten Percent Happier App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Ten Percent Happier App Review

10% Happier

The Ten Percent Happier app focuses on helping you with your mindful meditation growth. Brought to life by Dan Harris and Joseph Goldstein, this meditation app is here to help anyone address the stress of day to day life we all feel. Take the courses, follow the guides and dive into the Ten Percent Happier world that has books and podcasts as well.

Here is Ten Percent Happier Review: Your In-Depth Guide.

Welcome to our Ten Percent Happier Review, your in-depth look into this unique meditation app. If you are currently exploring meditation apps – whether it’s your first one or your fifth – we hope you walk away from this either feeling excited to give this app a try or deciding that it’s probably not worth your time.

What is the Ten Percent Happier App?

Our goal is not for you to make up your mind right here and now, as an in-depth review can cover a lot of ground, but only you can decide what is best for you.

That said, I am truly excited to introduce this meditation app to you. As an app that seems initially like it is based on the belief that most of its users are not experienced meditators, that doesn’t mean that it only brushes the surface.

What I appreciate most about this app is that its depth can be seen because it teaches users of all levels. By that I mean, relatable lessons and topics, helpful guidance, and practical teachings that I believe can do what the app suggests in its title – help us all become 10% happier.

Plus, when using this app, you’ll never get the impression that 10% – or even less – is not enough. The expert instructors in this app have so far all had a way of making me feel like I am right where I need to be, which speaks volumes. It gives the message that a meditation app should be spreading, which is that meditation is a practice — because so is life.

Ten Percent Happier Pros:

  • High-quality meditations and lessons
  • A realistic approach to meditation with practical section names such as “on the go” and “help for the holidays”
  • They continually offer significant discounts (40%) via email and within the app after your trial is up
  • Introductory videos that help prepare the user for the practice
  • Offers reasonably timed sleep meditations

Ten Percent Happier Cons:

  • The cost is on the higher end of most meditation apps with substandard offerings for the free version (i.e., the basics)
  • Users may find it difficult to work on specific goals (lack of comprehensive search feature)
  • Specific podcasts do not pull up when using the search bar to navigate a certain topic – only courses and meditations

Dan Harris

The best way to introduce this app is by talking about its co-founder, Dan Harris. You might know Dan Harris as the co-anchor of ABC’s Nightline or of the weekend editions of Good Morning America. Or, as it pertains to this app, you might recognize his name as the author of the book, Ten Percent Happier, which became a #1 New York Times bestseller.

ten percent happier book

And when speaking on his #1 New York Times best selling book, it’s hard not to mention the event that inspired Harris to write this book and embark on a meditation journey. Being completely new to meditation, and at one point self-regarded as the most unlikely person to even try it, Harris found meditation and wrote this book after having a panic attack, live on Good Morning America.

It was after this instance that Harris knew he needed to address the constant voice in his head. The same voice that he never believed he could slow down or control. His book Ten Percent Happier helps present meditation as a realistic practice, providing a personal look into the benefits of meditation to help his readers change their lives. And after taking some time to use this app, that’s what I noticed about it, too – and we’ll dive more into the wonderful job this app does at making meditation practical in our Ten Percent Happier review.

After publishing his book in 2014, Dan teamed up with some of the most respected meditation teachers, including Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg, to create the app. Harris and his all-star team also launched the Ten Percent Happier Podcast, which is available for free on the app and online. However, subscribers of the app can listen to it ad-free.

ten percent happier podcast

In this Ten Percent Happier podcast, Dan and his guest, including meditation teachers, researchers, scientists, and even celebrities – including Karamo from Queer Eye and the Dalai Lama himself – explore and discuss how many of the skills we often believe are hardwired in our brains are ones we can develop in life! This includes traits like happiness, compassion, calm, and connection. 

One of my favorites is an episode Dan did together with compassion expert and author Kristin Neff. In another episode, called “Anxiety, Anger, and Art,” Dan explores the topic of anxiety with Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and composer Sara Bareilles (one of my personal favorites).

This is a screenshot of the ten percent happier app with kristin neff
This is a screenshot of the ten percent happier app with sara bareilles

Sara is an artist who has always been open to the public about her mental health struggles. This episode is just one example of how Dan Harris works hard to make mental health and meditation topics so raw and relatable.

Once considered a “fidgety meditation skeptic” himself, Dan Harris also wrote another bestseller, “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics,” where he and master teacher Jeff Warren (dubbed the “Meditation MacGyver”) dive into game-changing meditation skills and instructions. And the greatest part is that all of these are available in the Ten Percent Happier app! 

Ten Percent Happier Review

With that, let’s dive more into the app with this Ten Percent Happier review so you can know where to look for cool sections like the Ten Percent Happier podcast and meditations featured from these two bestselling books.

Apart from this serving as a guide for navigating the app (which is quite honestly the simplest meditation app I’ve tried yet), our priority is to leave you with enough information regarding the content and value of the app, so you can decide whether it’s worth trying!

How much does Ten Percent Happier app cost?

Year subscription: $99.99 USD

The Ten Percent Happier app offers a free 7-day trial where you can access and utilize all the app’s meditations and features.

From that point, a one-year subscription is $99.99. And if you go into the subscription options within your phone settings, you can also choose a monthly option of $14.99; although, this doesn’t seem to advertised anywhere.

That said, almost immediately after downloading the app and signing up for a trial, I received an email with an offer to subscribe and receive 40% off, making the total yearly cost $59.99.

The only catch was that the offer was extended to me if I subscribed within 48 hours, which certainly wasn’t enough time to complete my Ten Percent Happier review. However, as I return to the email now, the link still appears to be active. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a discount one could easily access and not just a limited promotion.

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Is the Ten Percent Happier app worth it?

Now that we’ve covered the cost, let’s explore the bigger question of whether the Ten Percent Happier app is worth it by diving into what it offers and what it could do for you.

We talked about the world-class teachers – who have decades of experience teaching mindfulness – as well as the ad-free podcasts. It’s not just the Ten Percent Happier podcast that’s available on the app.
There is also a podcast called Twenty Percent Happier with Matthew Hepburn and another, Teacher Talks with Dr. Jay Michaelson, the author of six books on meditation. 

Ten Percent Happier offers over 350 guided meditations to cover any mood or goal for any meditation experience level. Each day the app showcases a featured meditation hand-picked by the app’s editors. They call this the “Daily Dose,” and it’s a great way to get your practice going, especially if you don’t know where to start on a given day.

At the end of the day, if you need help unwinding or falling asleep, the app has some great sleep meditations as well.

Given what the app offers, it’s certainly a great value for the price. While we’re getting ready to dive into more specifics, I will say that the expert guides in this app do a fantastic job at turning this app into more than a meditation app, but rather a guide to grow a meditation practice and deepen it.

After a short period, I have noticed a difference in my mood and healthier ways of addressing situations and feelings. I wouldn’t say that it’s been a 10 percent increase yet, but maybe a 2? Or 3 even?!

That said, there are certainly some who would argue that the app is a little too pricey, especially when they can find larger libraries of meditations with apps like Insight Timer or features like music or calming sounds in the Calm app.

All in all, I love the straightforwardness of this app, and it cuts right to the chase. And even though it doesn’t have tons of search features or filters like other apps have to find what you need, I find the way they categorize their meditations to be helpful enough and visually clear.

Unlike other meditation apps, it’s unfortunate that this one doesn’t seem to offer much at all for free, aside from the basics course. Still, for $99 a year, the Ten Percent Happier app offers subscribers a good variety of courses, meditations, and skills that could prove worth the cost.

Much of the answer to whether the app is worth it, though, will depend on how often you use it and apply what you learn, as well as if you’re making progress over time. So with that, let’s check out all the sections this app offers to assist you in ultimately arriving at that decision.

Ten Percent Happier App Sections

Like other meditation apps we’ve explored, the Ten Percent Happier app has main sections that set it apart from the rest. Going in order of how the app is laid out, we’ll explore Ten Percent Happier’s sections: Courses, Singles, Sleep, and Podcasts.


The Courses on this app feature skill-building exercises, where users can learn about mindfulness topics and skills step-by-step. To paint a clearer picture, some of these Course offerings are:

  • “Compassion” with Joseph Goldstein
  • “10% Nicer” with Sharon Salzberg
  • “Meditation and the Brain” with David Vago, PhD
  • “Meditation for Skeptics” with Jeff Warren
  • “Healthy Habits” with Kelly McGonigal, PhD
this is a screen shot of the ten percent happier app course section
this is a screen shot of the ten percent happier app course section of the basics

There are also courses on performance, mindful eating, relationships, and managing emotions like stress.
When you first join the app, expect an engaging welcome from Dan Harris and Joseph Goldstein, inviting you to start your journey with their course, “The Basics.” This seven-lesson course is a brief starter course that covers precisely what the course name suggests – the basics.

this is a screenshot of the ten percent happier review basics section
this is a screenshot of the ten percent happier review basics section video

Each session begins with a brief video talk with Dan Harris before switching things over to Goldstein for a meditation session to put things into practice. In my opinion, this is a great place to start, even for experienced meditators. It’s always great to have refreshers for all things in life, don’t you think?

At any rate, this introductory course covers everything from finding time to meditate to working through its challenges, along with helpful techniques to stay strong with your practice.

Singles (Meditation)

The Singles tab is where you will find all the meditation exercises. Here you can search through meditations sorted by topics like relaxation, focus, anxiety, kindness, self-compassion, and stress.

this is a screenshot of the ten percent happier app review of the singles section
this is a screenshot of the ten percent happier app review of when to meditate

One of these main categories is called “Advanced and Unguided” for anyone looking to go even deeper. There is also a category called “From Our Books”, where you’ll find the skills from the bestselling books we mentioned earlier in the blog.

If you utilize the search tab at the top to find something specific, you will also find each of the expert teachers. You can click on their profile to learn more about them or access their meditations, as well as any courses or podcasts they’re featured in.

A few of my favorite categories worth mentioning within this section include.

Enjoy Everyday Walking

Perfect guided sessions for a 5 to 15-minute walk outside!

Mental Mischief

Meditations to lighten up and not take life too seriously (much needed!)

Coronavirus Sanity

Coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. Resources for building resilience and specific meditations for crisis responders.

this is a screenshot of the ten percent happier app review of the coronavirus sanity section

On the Go

Meditations to help you keep up with your practice and train your mind, whether you’re cleaning, commuting, or even when you’re using the bathroom! (I mean, that’s not weird, right? Jay Michaelsen says that we can make more out of bathroom breaks, using them as me-time, so we’ll go with definitely not weird).


Because all meditation apps need a sleep section, right? And not just that, but one that offers meditations and stories with a wide range of time options. Ten Percent Happier’s sleep meditations have options ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. And just as you can do with many of their meditations, you can also decide how long you want to listen to a sleep meditation or story, so it’s nice not to be limited in that regard.


While most of the episodes available in the Ten and Twenty Percent Happier podcasts are about one hour long, I like that the Teacher Talks episodes are all under 10 minutes for more variety.

Across these podcasts, there are several valuable lessons for learning about mindfulness and other specific topics, and engaging talks that you can listen to any time.

Your Profile Tab

The Profile tab is a great resource to return to for any meditations that you’ve favorited. It also tracks your history so you can see everything you’ve done, along with any of the meditations you have downloaded.

Under this tab is where you can also view your milestones (i.e., your progress). And at the top, you will see the number of total sessions, minutes, and consecutive days and weeks you’ve meditated.

Another feature you can access through this tab is Ten Percent’s Live Coaching option. Through live coaching, users can get matched up with one of Ten Percent’s expert teachers. They offer three subscription options (separate from the app), starting at $49 per month. This isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’s a nice thing to offer for anyone looking to deepen their practice through one-on-one guidance; I haven’t seen this on other meditation apps so far.

Who is the Ten Percent Happier App For?

If you’re still wondering whether the Ten Percent Happier app is worth it for you, we thought it would help if you had more insight into who this app could truly help. The generic answer is, well, anyone!

Because any meditation is better than none! 

I’ll start by saying that when I first joined the app, my initial impression was that this app was strictly for the modern-day professional. From the app’s simplistic design to the tendency for its meditations (at least the ones I’ve tried) to address things to beginner’s minds, I assumed that many of the people using this app had reached a point in their life where they were overworked, stressed, and looking for a solution they had never tried before.

And the more I read more about Dan Harris, the more it sounds like the app might be best suited for beginners and even (curious) skeptics – like Harris once was! I honestly think this is great because many people out there could benefit from this app, the content of its meditations, and the way they’re delivered.

For example, the way the courses are set up, with Dan Harris providing a video introduction; and, in some cases, like the introductory course with Goldstein, it’s set up like an interview where Dan and the teacher talk about meditation and things in a relatable way.

You don’t have to watch the video – you can always jump straight to the meditation in these courses. But I think they’re pretty entertaining and add to this app’s charm, uniqueness, and personality.

All that being said, I believe that beginner or experienced – this app can help anyone who desires a direct approach to learning and practicing meditation. You can be a meditation expert and still want to have certain reminders and a sense of straightforwardness to it all. That is not to say all of Ten Percent’s meditations are tailored to beginners. As mentioned in the meditation section of this Ten Percent Happier review, there is a section for advanced practitioners and anyone seeking the opportunity to practice unguided meditations.

In terms of benefits, given the clear instructions, guidance, and practical skills that these expert teachers provide, I believe that this app can help people improve their overall health, wellbeing, and personal development. That includes anyone looking to reduce stress, get better sleep, feel more relaxed, cultivate things like hope, happiness, and compassion, and so on.

I could see where someone farther along on their meditation journey might benefit from apps with more teachers to connect to or other advanced features for searching for specific topics and types of meditation.

Also, anyone looking for a more inclusive app with a music or fitness section, or perhaps just something a bit more personalized, might consider looking elsewhere. I don’t see anywhere within this app that anything is tailored to the user, even though they ask you several multiple-choice questions upon signing up, such as how you like to learn and what your stress levels are.

So I’m not sure if the app customizes anything based on this information, as it seems the only truly relevant question they ask in the beginning is when you want to meditate, as the app will send you reminder daily at that time (if you want it to).

Meditation Apps: Never Alone Review Guide

To help you decide between the top meditation apps out there in the market, we spent multiple weeks using each of them and breaking down our findings. Now that you have heard all Ten Percent Happier has to offer, read how it compares to the other meditation apps on the market and which app we think is best between them.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Headspace

Once I discovered Ten Percent Happier, I stopped using Headspace as much. There’s just something so engaging about seeing Dan Harris and other teachers live on-screen versus learning things from a cartoon character. Headspace certainly has a real-life feel with some of its video content, but Ten Percent Happier is overall more consistent and less busy.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Calm

If you want most, if not all, of your meditations to be guided, I recommend turning to Calm. If you’re still wondering what meditation is or questioning why or how it could help you, try Ten Percent Happier. This is all to say that both apps are terrific for beginners. But I believe you’re getting a little more of everything – the teachings, the advanced sessions, and so on – with Ten Percent Happier.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Insight Timer

This is a tough call to make, but my vote for the average user is for Ten Percent Happier. Both apps have a lot to offer, and Insight has some features that Ten Percent doesn’t. However, Ten Percent Happier is easier to navigate and a great go-to app for all levels.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Sam Harris Waking Up

I love both of these apps because the people behind them are all about teaching their users about meditation and applying it to real life. I recommend everyone try out Sam Harris Waking Up at some point down the road. However, I think that Dan Harris is much more engaging and relatable, which is why his app, Ten Percent Happier, scores a bit higher for me.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Buddhify

I love that both apps are easy to browse and find just about anything you’re looking for. But it’s hard to beat the top teachers on Ten Percent Happier; plus, it’s got a bit more to offer in easy-to-understand, clearly labeled meditation categories. My vote is for Ten Percent Happier on this one.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Unplug

Ten Percent Happier and Unplug are two apps that I love for their simplicity and ease of use! The more you start incorporating meditation apps into your daily life, the more you might appreciate this quality. I vote for Unplug over Ten Percent Happier because everything is categorized and presented nicely. With Ten Percent Happier, you just get a long list view of everything, and it doesn’t appear to be in any intentionally crafted order.

Ten Percent Happier vs. Simple Habit

Ten Percent Happier and Simple Habit share similar goals and vibes that appeal to modern-day workers and aspiring meditators. I love Ten Percent Happier and the value of what it offers; however, I have to vote for Simple Habit because it’s more of a comprehensive wellness and mindfulness app. For instance, I feel like Simple Habit’s exercise and sleep features may be more useful overall than Ten Percent Happier’s podcasts.

The Ten Percent Happier APP Review Takeaway

Given the first impression I got from this app, I didn’t think it would be for me. I’m somewhere between a beginner and intermediate (elementary, I guess you could call it?) in terms of meditation and mindfulness. I didn’t think I needed the overview or basics, but I’m glad I didn’t skip past them, as I figured there was an intention behind it for all users.

At any rate, I honestly can’t wait to keep using this app. I know I’ve said this about apps in the past, like Insight, Calm, and Headspace, but it seems the more we keep exploring, the closer I’ve come to finding an app that resonates with me. This app is simple, easy to use, organized, straightforward, and its highly trained teachers deliver excellence.

I do recommend that you try it out, at least for 7 days risk-free (or even a month), to see if it speaks to you or how it compares to others you’ve tried. Because I know that you will keep getting closer too, and we look forward to hearing what app or other means of mindfulness practice are working the most for you!

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Ten Percent Happier App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022
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This is the in-depth Ten Percent Happier App Review. In this review we go over everything from signing up to how to use it best for your mental health goals.

Price: 99.99

Price Currency: USD

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