Personalized Prescribing Inc Review: Never Alone

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Personalized Prescribing Inc Review DNA Testing For Mental HEalth Mental health help comes in many forms, from day to day actions to understanding who you are as human on a genetic level. We took the time to go through Personalized Prescribing’s genetic testing to fully understand their process to help you feel more comfortable in […]

Circles Online Support Group Review: A Never Alone Review

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Circles Online Support Group Review Online Support Group Circles is an online support group that you can sign up to and connect with others who are dealing with the same struggles as you are. This is not a registered therapy session, but it is a valuable tool to add to your mental health routine. This […]

Verilux HappyLight Luxe Review: Your In-Depth Guide

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HappyLight Luxe Review Verilux Light therapy We have reviewed the Verilux Happylight Luxe for your mental health insight. This lamp can be a positive tool in helping you combat the dark winter months and the seasonal affective disorder that can occur. The 10,000 lux this light emits will help with the dark days and help […]

Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Review: Your In-Depth Guide

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Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp The Skyview Wellness Table Lamp combines a SAD lamp (seasonal affective disorder), a sunrise alarm clock and an art piece for your room. There are many positives to using the light for your mental health. However, the $749 USD cost puts it into its own category in the light […]

Simple Habit App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Simple Habit App Review stress less, achieve more, and live better The Simple Habit app is brought to you by Yuhna Kim. The Simple Habit app’s mission “is to empower humans to stress less, achieve more, and live better.” Take the time and let our review help you decide if you think this app can […]

Unplug App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Unplug App Review Be Calm In The Chaos Welcome to the Unplug app review. Unplug states on their website that they offer “In-person, live-stream & on-demand meditation classes to feel relaxed, sleep better and thrive.” As mental health leaders, this statement checks all the boxes off for us, but we will let the review let […]

Buddhify App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Buddhify App Review Meditation Done Differently Welcome to the the Buddhify App Review. The Buddhify app is said to be ‘the only meditation app designed to fit into a busy modern lifestyle.’ I will let you decide if this statement stands correct for your mental health needs. Here is Buddhify App Review: Your In-Depth Guide. Welcome […]

Sam Harris Waking Up App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Sam Harris Waking Up App Review Guided Meditation Sam Harris’ Waking Up app is worth it if you want to learn about the theory behind meditation but also want access to a range of guided practices to help you get started. The app is modern and easy to use, and the content is insightful. I’d […]

Ten Percent Happier App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Ten Percent Happier App Review 10% Happier The Ten Percent Happier app focuses on helping you with your mindful meditation growth. Brought to life by Dan Harris and Joseph Goldstein, this meditation app is here to help anyone address the stress of day to day life we all feel. Take the courses, follow the guides […]

Insight Timer App Review: Your In-Depth Guide for 2022

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Insight Timer Review Sleep, Anxiety & Stress Insight Timer boasts to be the #1 free app for bettering your sleep, anxiety and stress. Where they lack in the visual appeal of a Calm or Headspace app, they make up for it with value in the creators they work with. The value of all they offer […]