How Often Should You Go to the Gym? Never Alone Guide

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How often should you go to the gym? Working Out A good routine to follow when going to the gym is 5-6 days a week, taking a rest day on the 7th day. When starting your fitness routine you will want to listen to your body over anyone’s suggestions on how much you should workout. […]

Can Exercise Make Anxiety Worse? Honestly, No!

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Can exercise make anxiety worse? Mental Health Growth Exercise can trigger anxiety-like thoughts in the moment of exerting yourself past your comfort levels. However, the act of working out will not make your anxiety worse throughout the other 23 hours of your day. Actually, in time, when doing daily exercise you will help ease your […]

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout When Depressed: 6 Ways

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How to Motivate Yourself to Workout When Depressed Ideal Options Being depressed is a huge damper on personal motivation. Regular exercise can boost your mood to help push through the mental health struggles you are facing. Here are 5 ways you can motivate yourself to workout when depressed: Youtube workout videos Motivational quotes on Pinterest […]

How Many Protein Shakes a Day: Best Practice for Beginners

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How many protein shakes a day? Exercise advice If you are looking for how many protein shakes a day can be had when you are starting your fitness journey, then the best answer is one to three shakes a day. By putting one to two scoops of protein in each shake is healthy. I suggest […]

Protein Shake Before or After Workout: Best Practice

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Protein shake before or after workout Best time to drink protein shake It doesnt matter if you drink your protein shake before or after workout. The reason why you should choose to drink your protein shake before or after your daily exercise is how the protein affects your stomach and digestion. Instead, focus on how […]

What do Dips Workout? Your Guide to Perfect Dips

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what do dips workout? Triceps – Chest – Shoulders When you do a dip you work your chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and lower back. You can do dips in the gym on multiple pieces of equipment while at the same time doing dips at home off of your kitchen chair. Also known as tricep […]

Best Time to go to the Gym: A Beginners Guide

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Best time to go to the gym Morning / Lunchtime / After Work The best time to go to the gym is morning workouts, before work. Morning workouts are better than the evening because your body burns more calories throughout your day and there are fewer reasons to not get your workout in at that […]

How Many Exercises per Workout: Beginner’s Guide

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How many exercises per workout Muscle Growth / Weight Loss During your workout you want to, in general, do 1-3 sets of exercises and put in at least 30 minutes of sweat-inducing working out during that time. In a week you want to work out 5-6 days with one rest day to repair your body. […]

How Long Does It Take to Get in Shape: Beginners Guide

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How To Get In Shape How long does it take to get in shape? How long does it take to get in shape? Anything can be done in three to four months, three to four weeks or even something as short as thirty days. With the right mindset and dedication during your workouts and throughout […]

Gym Etiquette for First-Time Gym Goers: 17 Tips

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Gym Etiquette for First-Time Gym Goers unwritten gym rules and faux pas Do not let the fear and anxiety of breaking an unwritten rule of gym etiquette scare you away from starting your fitness journey. A lot of these rules are common sense that you would already do one your own, without our help. Like […]