Anxiety Relief for Teens: At-Home and School Tips

This is a drawing of a teen on a rock stopping anxiety

Anxiety Relief for Teens At home tips Being a teenager is not easy. New schools, puberty, peer pressure, pressure from social norms and much more. Mental health challenges may come about as a reaction to environmental stressors, including trauma, the death of a loved one, school issues, and/or experiencing bullying. These are 5 simple tips […]

Anxiety is Ruining my Life: 10 Symptoms + Tips for Teens

this is a photo of a teen sitting on a cloud of anxiety

Anxiety is Ruining my Life 10 Tips and symptoms Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. Common anxiety signs and symptoms include panic, increased heart rate, worrying, hyperventilation and sweating. Some common ways to deal with anxiety are to meditate, exercise, eat healthier, daily journaling and see a professional or therapist. Here is Anxiety […]

Can Exercise Make Anxiety Worse? Honestly, No!

This is a drawing of a women going for a run

Can exercise make anxiety worse? Mental Health Growth Exercise can trigger anxiety-like thoughts in the moment of exerting yourself past your comfort levels. However, the act of working out will not make your anxiety worse throughout the other 23 hours of your day. Actually, in time, when doing daily exercise you will help ease your […]

How to Explain Anxiety to Someone Who Doesn’t Have It

this is a drawing of a man consoling another man as he explains his anxiety

How to Explain Anxiety to Someone Who Doesn’t Have It Friends – Lovers – Family Having to explain your anxiety symptoms to someone is a common way to feel more anxiety at the moment, but it is possible to do and be helpful. If you are reading this to help a friend or partner that […]

Driving Anxiety is Ruining my Life: How to Stop it

This is a drawing of a girl having driving anxiety

driving Anxiety is Ruining my Life How to deal with driving anxiety Driving anxiety is ruining my life. Is this something you can relate to? Being an anxious driver or having a driving phobia are best helped by counselling and phobia support groups. But until then, here are several tips to help you cope with […]

Can Anxiety Cause Diarrhea & Nausea? 5 Ways To Manage It

this is a horizontal drawing of a man with anxiety causing diarrhea

Can Anxiety Cause Diarrhea? Stress Diarrhea And More Diarrhea (also known as stress diarrhea in this instance) can occur when someone is under mental duress such as anxiety and stress. The brain to gut connection referred to as the brain-gut axis, can in effect loosen your bowels and cause other gastrointestinal symptoms. Taking time to […]

What is Situational Anxiety? 10 Ways to Cope

this is a drawing of a person having situational anxiety

What is Situational Anxiety? How To Deal With Situational Anxiety Situational anxiety occurs when a specific situation occurs that creates a unique form of anxiety for you. These situations are unique to each person, but usually, everyday actions that someone else would find normal. The anxiety can show up in many different ways ranging from […]