2021: 10 Best Stress Toys To Ease Your Anxiety

This is a horizontal drawing of a man using a stress toy at his computer

What are good stress toys?

10 stress relief toys that are good for anxiety

Fidget toys, stress balls, fidget balls:  No matter what you call these handheld toys they all can help to reduce anxiety. Spending more time at home for work due to Covid, many of us are looking for ways to assist our mental health struggles. Adding a fidget toy to your toolbox can be a useful aid.

Here is 10 Best Stress Toys To Ease Your Anxiety Working From Home.

This is a vertical drawing of a man using stress toys at his computer

Do you ever catch yourself fidgeting when you’re feeling anxious? When you make these small movements with your body, usually with your feet and hands, you may not even realize that you’re doing it. What you also may not be aware of is where these little nervous movements come from. Some people fidget when they’re bored or have to sit for long periods, particularly if they have anxiety or ADHD. Regardless of any present mental health struggles, when someone’s energy has nowhere to go, it can manifest as anxiety. Fortunately, stress toys are tools that help direct nervous energy.

So, what about channeling the negative energy we experience from stress? As humans, we are always surrounded by experiences that can cause stress because stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life’s situations. It has become a prevalent mental health issue over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as most of us were transitioned to work from home with little time to adapt, struggling to find a positive work-life balance environment.

Many people have struggled with losing or fear of losing a loved one, job, or business. Social distancing has meant that many have also had to deal with these fears and worries in isolation. Yet, the loneliness in and of itself has led to an increase in anxiety and depression across the globe.

We tend to forget that stress is not inherently bad; it’s meant to help us in emergent situations. But, if we don’t bounce back from that “fight or flight” mode that our stress hormones put us in, so many aspects of mental and physical health become affected. From rapid breathing, high blood pressure, weakened immune system, insomnia, headaches, and an increased risk of depression, the worse these problems become, the harder it is to manage stress, so it becomes a vicious cycle that we absolutely must be proactive about. There are many ways to help relieve stress and anxiety, and one of these ways is using stress toys. Because stress can cause fidgeting, at the same time, fidgeting can ease feelings of stress.

In addition to movements in the feet and hands, such as tapping your feet or pencil, fidgeting can also look like skin picking, leg shaking, nail-biting, and crossing and uncrossing your legs. As if fidgeting weren’t already enough of a thief of our concentration, it can also cause us to pick up our phones too often. If you are
experiencing nervous energy, stress, anxiety, or boredom during your workday or at any time, fidget toys are helpful to minimize these unwanted, unproductive, and sometimes harmful habits.

Here are 10 fidget toys and stress toys to help calm your anxiety:

Stress toys under $15

1. 3pcs Fidget Bean Toy

These cute edamame keychains are meant to be squeezed as much as you need – watch the small, smileyfaced pea in the middle pop in and out when you feel stressed, bored, or have urges to fidget in destructive ways. A simple toy to take and use anywhere without anyone noticing – even work meetings.


2. Flippy Chain Fidget Stress Toys

This interlocking chain of two steel rings helps relieve anxiety, stress and improve focus by allowing you to find fluid and twisting movements with your fingers. Because they’re made of stainless steel, they are built to last, are tiny enough to bring anywhere. Keep them at home or clip them onto your purse, backpack, or keys.


3. Silicone Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

With this silicone pop bubble toy, you press the mouse bubbles, then flip it over and start again when you’re feeling stressed or restless. The bubbles make a slight popping sound, and it’s great for anyone with anxiety,
OCD, or who enjoys popping bubble wrap. Travel with it or leave it on your desk; just be mindful to check the size first – many people found the toy smaller than they anticipated.


4. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This compact cube is great for work, home, and the classroom as it’s noiseless and small, even once expanded. It’s a never-ending cube that you continue to flip and fold, helping relieve hyperactivity, restlessness, and agitation.


Stress toys under $20

5. 12 Sided Fidget Cube, Dodecagon Fidget Toy

With 12 unique sides, this stress toy packs many anxiety-relieving functions, like sliding blocks and squishy buds, in a toy that’s small enough to fit in one hand – great for traveling or keeping at home; the clicking sounds may not be quiet enough for classroom or office use. It’s well suited for anyone with ADD/ADHD or extra energy who struggles with nail or pen biting or leg shaking.


6. 4 Pcs Luminescent Stress Relief Balls Sticky Ball

If you’re feeling stressed out or nervous, these sticky balls can be squeezed or thrown onto the wall; wait for one to slowly fall off, then catch it. That said, if you plan to throw these, they are better suited for indoor use – somewhere they can stick. Just note that you should play with them for a bit before throwing them up high or on the ceiling, as they can stay stuck up there for a while.


7. Three Carriage Colorful Sensory Fidget Stretch Toys

The various ways you can use these sensory strings make them great for high anxiety and anyone on the Autism spectrum. They can be stretched to 10 feet, bent, and squeezed before you watch them bounce back to their original shape of 11 inches. They are durable but not strong enough to withstand constant biting, making them a choking hazard for some.


8. Peradix Hand Grip Exercise Strengthener-Stress Relief Ball

These tear-resistant balls are perfect for stress relief because you can stretch, squeeze, toss, and bounce them. They are egg-shaped for a better fit in your hands and small enough to put in your pocket or bag when on the go. They come in a set of 3 that range in softness, so you can always keep one at your desk too!


Stress toys over $25

9. Magnetic Ring Fidget Spinner Toy

These small magnetic ring toys can help calm you down when you’re stressed by merely rotating them on your fingers. They come in different quantities so that you can add more weight for even better focus.


10. ONO Roller - (The Original) Handheld Fidget Toy

This handheld fidget toy helps those who need to keep their hands engaged and away from picking or biting.
It’s a small roller that rotates in your hand and works your fingers to relieve tension and anxiety. It’s noiseless and compact enough to take and use anywhere.


Stress Toys Conclusion

Not all experts believe in the effectiveness of fidget toys, but as long as you find one that helps your anxiety and mental health needs, does it matter what a handful of experts say?

Stress toys are not the end all of your anxiety and stress. But they are a great tool to add to your mental health toolbox.

Adding a consistent exercise routine is another area I suggest you look into more, If this isn’t something you are focusing on. I created this blog for beginners in fitness.

Now that you have seen our top 10 stress toys, what one piqued your interest that you might buy?

Let me know in the comments below 💬

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