Seize the day: 15 Ways to Make this Happen Today

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Seize The Day!

Carpe Deime

Dealing with mental health struggles are hard. You find yourself staying in your safety bubble, not allowing yourself to do anything new in fear of the repercussions. Finding the strength to seize the day is an act you can grow from. Take one day at a time, and make the most of each day.

Here is Seize The Day: 15 Ways to Make this Happen Today

How often do you pause and think to yourself, I’d like to make more of each day that I’m alive – make the most of each opportunity given. To seize the day is precisely this. It’s to make every moment count and build an exciting life that you love and feels worth living.

I know that it’s challenging to cope with when the thought comes up that life is short or feels like it’s flying by. Because the thought is pretty scary, sometimes I think about this more than I wish I did, despite it being one of the most critical reminders any of us could have. That said, I find that I dwell less on the fear many of us tend to associate with the finite number of days each of us has when I focus on living instead.

So let’s not focus on things like time or dwell on worries over the future and how things may or may not play out because we will never have those answers anyway. Let’s focus all our attention on this present moment and seize the day!

In today’s blog, I’m offering up 15 of my favorite ways to seize the day, and there is no day like today to begin.

What does it mean to seize the day?

To seize the day means making the most of each present moment. If you want to seize the day, you must focus on embracing every current opportunity and doing it. It’s about channeling your thoughts and energy into the now – not yesterday, not tomorrow – today.

How do you seize the day Carpe Diem?

If you want to seize the day, ‘Carpe Diem” advocates that if there is an opportunity at your disposal or something you have been dreaming of doing, do it now. The basis of this motto is to seize that opportunity right away rather than making an excuse to postpone it.

15 Ways To Seize The Day

Below I have listed 15 daily actions you not only seize that day, but they can aid you in strengthening your mental health. By finding new areas to work on daily and gain confidence in them can do wonders for your happiness. Start each morning off with your morning routine then take one or perhaps even a few of these and change your life for the better!

Practice meditation to get present

It’s impossible to seize the day if you are not living in the present moment. Meditation is an excellent tool to train your mind to live less out of your head. You can carpe diem once you become more aware of yourself and your environment because more awareness helps you make better and more mindful choices. It enables you to recognize the negative thought patterns or other things getting in your way and reminds you that you can choose to seize the day.

Try something new

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t the only way to seize the day, but it is one significant way, especially if you are someone who spends most days hiding out at home or your desk, avoiding any adventures or social life. Life is about living – it’s about experiencing. You cannot achieve experiences if you don’t get out there and do them. I suggest you make a bucket list and get started with knocking them out today!

Focus on your self-growth

Is there something you could be doing to enhance your knowledge or skills? Maybe you have always wanted to learn something, but you haven’t yet dived into that book collecting dust on your shelf. Perhaps there is a new hobby or craft you want to try, and the only way to get there is by watching helpful YouTube videos, signing up for a class or lessons, or finding a friend who can help. Seize the day and feel great about yourself by taking on anything you can and want to accomplish!

Incorporate play in each day

As we grow up, so many of us disconnect from the concept and importance of play in our lives. You don’t have to be a four-year-old sitting in a sandbox to experience play and pure joy. Enjoy the simple things like playing board games with your family, going for bike rides, or anything else that makes you feel happy and free.

Get outside

If you want to seize the day, getting outside is an absolute must. Nature is abundant. There is so much beauty and many things you can learn from being in nature. Being outside is an opportunity to engage your senses and be present with how it feels when the wind or rain hits your skin or when the fresh air enters your lungs. Soak up the sun and everything you can and seize the day outside!

Be there for others

One of the best ways to seize the day is to share part of that day with someone else. Share your time, efforts, and moments with someone who could use a helping hand. Be there to support your friends through all their trials and tribulations. Become a volunteer and support a cause that is meaningful to you. By making a difference in other’s lives, you also make a difference in your own.

Practice gratitude

To seize the day means to take advantage of the resources and opportunities you have at your fingertips, but you cannot expect to know what those are or when you have them if you don’t acknowledge them. Start by practicing gratitude for everything you have now, try saying them out loud in your morning affirmations. Take note of one or a few things each day to cultivate an abundance mindset founded in gratitude. Doors will naturally open up for you if you choose to see them.

Create goals

Whether or not we realize it or consciously write it down, goals are something we all live by. Goals play an invaluable role in shaping our lives because they enable us to make the most of them. Having a goal in mind gives you something to focus on and provides you with a sense of direction, blocking out the things that interfere with the reality you wish to create for yourself. Don’t forget to dream big!

Let go of the past

Whether it’s a past failure or a broken relationship that’s on your mind, sometimes it feels like the replay button in our mind got stuck, regurgitating thoughts and feelings of shame, guilt or anxiety. When we apply the principle of Carpe Diem, the idea isn’t to hit fast forward, as much as we sometimes feel like that’s the answer. Instead, allow your feelings of negativity or resentment to come up and then release them without judging yourself or others. Forgive yourself and others and let go. Choose love and compassion every day.

Take a break

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives. A little too busy if you ask me. You might love being in school or doing whatever you do for a living, but these aren’t the only ingredients of life. We need to remember to slow down enough to see that life is about so much more than working. Who we are is not only defined by what we do or the children we raise. It’s okay to take breaks, whether it’s short ones throughout the day or an extended vacation. You deserve it, and you need it.

Make time for hobbies and self-care

Speaking of taking a break, you should consider centering those breaks around self-care and things that you enjoy whenever you do. I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and this couldn’t be more true. So whether you plan to seize the day by getting outside, being active, crossing things off your bucket list, or being there for others, you need to learn how to replenish yourself too and know that it’s okay to put yourself first.

Remind yourself of what’s truly important

Constantly remain aware of your values and what means the most to you. Tangible reminders such as an inspirational quote that you hang in your bathroom or a photo of your family or friends on your desk will help remind you to be grateful and make time for those things or people – two essential ways to seize the day!

Create technology boundaries

We all need an escape from reality at times, and that’s okay. But things like television should be limited to set times. What television, phone, or email time shouldn’t be is an escape from reality when we should be enjoying reality – like when we are in the presence of others. Enjoy the food on your plate. Keep your tablets and phones away from the dinner table and be present with people. There’s nothing worse than being the only one who misses the reason why everyone is laughing!

Start a club

Is there is something you have always wanted to try or do more of that you never make time for? You are not the only one. Start a regular event or club with friends or find people with similar interests online. The great thing about this is that you will not only seize the day by trying something new and being social, but the social aspect will help hold you accountable for all your Carpe Diem goals.

Find a form of exercise you enjoy

If exercise isn’t a regular activity of yours, I understand how hard it can feel to get started. But once you do, it feels great! There’s no better way to put it. Exercise can transform your life by transforming the way you feel. Adding just a little more movement to your day will give you the energy you need to whatever it takes for you to seize the day!

Those are my 15 suggestions to get going and seize the day TODAY!

A little history never hurt anyone, so I have put together a few pieces about seize the day or ‘Carpe Diem’ as it was originally referred to.

Who said, Carpe Diem?

Over 2,000 years ago, Horace, a Roman poet, first said Carpe diem, a Latin phrase meaning “seize the day” or “pluck the day” in his poem, Odes. Horace aimed to convey the importance of enjoying life while you can.

Is Carpe Diem a motto?

Carpe Diem is undoubtedly a phrase that has withstood the test of time, which makes sense because seizing the day is a concept that can apply to everyone! According to author and philosopher Roman Krznaric, Carpe Diem is a motto – one of the oldest philosophical ones in Western history.

Will You Seize Your Day Now?

Now that I have laid out some ideas to make the most of your day ahead, what will you do?

Leave a comment below on how you will start seizing your day, and hopefully future days to come.

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