37 Powerful PTSD Quotes to Help You Get Through Today 2021

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PTSD Quotes

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PTSD trauma affects an estimated one in eleven people throughout their lifetime. Symptoms can be triggered years after the original trauma occurs. First responders to military veterans to regular citizens dealing with tough life situations can be affected by PTSD.

Here is 37 Powerful PTSD Quotes to Help You Get Through Today.

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Not all wounds are visible, and not all wounds heal quickly, and if you’ve ever experienced a devastating event of any kind, then you likely know what we mean.

In either case, we’re glad you are here to check out today’s blog because it’s so important to be aware of the pain and trouble that can ensue after a traumatic event. And though it can be scary and uncomfortable to talk or think about, it’s important to remember that a traumatic situation can happen to anyone at any time.

Unfortunately, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) does not discriminate either. It can develop for anyone after trauma, but it is not a sign of weakness, nor does it mean you cannot recover.

Experiencing a psychological trauma could be anything from an instance of abuse, physical or sexual assault, a natural disaster, or a severe accident – to name a few. Even if a traumatic experience only happens in an instant, the impact of trauma can be long-lasting and lead to a wide range of emotional and physical symptoms.

Trauma is a response to a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, and, in some cases, repeated experiences. A variety of symptoms will commonly occur, such as anger, guilt, denial, fear, anxiety, depression, shame, trouble concentrating, and numbness. Along with that, there are often physical symptoms present as well, like headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, restlessness or edginess, and a racing heartbeat.

When trauma symptoms like these persist and do not improve in terms of severity in the weeks or months following a traumatic event, trauma can develop PTSD, a mental health disorder that impairs your personal and day-to-day life.

Today, we want to offer you some trauma quotes to help you get through any of these struggles you may be experiencing right now. We also hope these PTSD quotes will serve as a reminder that you are not alone. The nightmares and flashbacks you experience may only be perceptible by you, it doesn’t make your pain any less real.

The most important thing we hope you take away today is that healing can sometimes be a long and arduous process, but it is always possible!

What are the 5 stages of PTSD?

Emergency Stage: Intense responses and high anxiety.

Numbing Stage: Instinct kicks in to protect yourself from mental and emotional anguish through denial.

Intrusive/Repetitive Stage: Nightmares and flashbacks occur, increasing anxiety.

Transition Stage: Acceptance of what’s happened and its impact.

Integration Stage: Learn coping mechanisms and skills to move forward.

What does PTSD do to a person?

It’s common for someone with PTSD to experience vivid flashbacks and memories of the traumatic event(s). As if the initial trauma wasn’t enough to endure, severe anxiety and stress can develop along with intrusive thoughts or images. Physical symptoms can worsen, leading to trembling, pain, sweating, and nausea.

What does PTSD feel like?

Between the flashbacks, nightmares, and heightened states of anxiety and stress, PTSD is both exhausting and debilitating, to say the least. The avoidance behaviors you exhibit may give you an illusion of control in your life, but unfortunately, they are just another way this burdensome disorder takes control of you.

Below are what we hope are 37 helping quotes to give you what you need in these tough times.

37 PTSD Quotes:

  1. “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – C.G. Jung
  2. “Always remember, if you have been diagnosed with PTSD, it is not a sign of weakness; rather, it is proof of your strength, because you have survived!” – Michel Templet
  3. “You are stronger than you think. You have gotten through every bad day in your life, and you are undefeated.” – Unknown
  4. “There is no timestamp on trauma. There isn’t a formula that you can insert yourself into to get from horror to healed. Be patient. Take up space. Let your journey be the balm.” – Dawn Serra
  5. “Most of us have unhealthy thoughts and emotions that have either developed as a result of trauma or hardships in their childhood, or the way they were raised.” – Steven Seagal
  6. “What we change inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch
  7. “First, the physiological symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder have been brought within manageable limits. Second, the person is able to bear the feelings associated with traumatic memories. Third, the person has authority over her memories; she can elect both to remember the trauma and to put memory aside. Fourth, the memory of the traumatic event is a coherent narrative, linked with feeling. Fifth, the person’s damaged self-esteem has been restored. Sixth, the person’s important relationships have been reestablished. Seventh and finally, the person has reconstructed a coherent system of meaning and belief that encompasses the story of trauma.” ― Judith Lewis Herman
  8. “Hold yourself back, or heal yourself back together. You decide.” ― Brittany Burgunder
  9. “Delusional pain hurts just as much as pain from actual trauma. So what if it’s all in your head?” – Tracy Morgan
  10. “I did not ask for the things I’ve been through. And I certainly didn’t ask my mind to paint and repaint the pictures back in flashback form.” – Michelle Groth
  11. “Healing from trauma can also mean strength and joy. The goal of healing is not a papering-over of changes in an effort to preserve or present things as normal. It is to acknowledge and wear your new life – warts, wisdom, and all – with courage.” – Catherine Woodiwiss
  12. “Instead of saying ‘I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues.” I say “I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.” – Horacio Jones
  13. “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Bob Marley
  14. “I have met many, many severely distressed people whose daily lives are filled with the agony of both remembered and unremembered trauma, who try so hard to heal and yet who are constantly being pushed down both by their symptoms and the oppressive circumstances of post traumatic life around them.” ― Carolyn Spring
  15. “Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” –Michelle Rosenthal
  16. “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost
  17. “You cannot heal a lifetime of pain overnight, be patient with yourself, it takes as long as it takes to rebuild yourself.” – Unknown
  18. “Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering.” – Peter Levine
  19. “Triggers are like little psychic explosions that crash through avoidance and bring the dissociated, avoided trauma suddenly, unexpectedly, back into consciousness.” ― Carolyn Spring
  20. “A lot of people who have experienced trauma at the hands of people they’ve trusted take responsibility, and that is what’s toxic.” – Hannah Gadsby
  21. “Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got.” – Unknown
  22. “Recovering from PTSD is being fragile and strong at the same time. It’s beautiful medley of constantly being broken down and pieced together. I am painting almost done to completion, beautiful but not quite complete.” – Kate J. Tate
  23. “People are afraid to heal because their entire identity is centered around the trauma they’ve experienced. They have no idea who they are outside of trauma and that unknown is terrifying.” – Ebonee Davis
  24. “Healing happens when you’re triggered and you’re able to move through the pain, the pattern, the story and walk your way to a different ending.” – Vienna Pharaon
  25. “It’s not the person refusing to let go of the past, but the past refusing to let go of the person.” – Sonawane Raj
  26. “You survived the abuse. Now, you’ll survive the recovery.” – Unknown
  27. “Repeated trauma requires you to create a system of defenses that protects you. And these protections were so important. They saved your life. They protected your real self.” – Gretchen L. Schmelzer, PhD
  28. “Some people’s lives seem to flow in a narrative; mine had many stops and starts. That’s what trauma does. It interrupts the plot. You can’t process it because it doesn’t fit with what came before or what comes afterwards.” – Jessica Stern
  29. “Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” ― Danielle Bernock
  30. “Healing is not an overnight process. It is a daily cleansing of pain, it is a daily healing of your life.” – Leon Brown
  31. “I won’t let pain, turn my heart into something ugly. I will show you that surviving can be beautiful.” – Christy Ann Martine
  32. “Dont ask the question ‘why the addiction’ but ‘why the pain?’” – Dr. Gabor Mate
  33. “One of the hardest things was learning I was worth recovery.” – Demi Lovato
  34. “Instead of being ashamed of what you’ve been through, be proud of what you have overcome.” – Dr. Phil
  35. “The power we discover inside ourselves as we survive a life-threatening experience can be utilized equally well outside of crisis, too. I am, in every moment, capable of mustering the strength to survive again—or of tapping that strength in other good, productive, healthy ways.” ― Michele Rosenthal
  36. “Recovery doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It simply means it no longer controls you.” – Unknown
  37. “One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.” – Unknown

37 PTSD Quotes Conclusion

We hope these quotes about PTSD were not triggering for you.

It is a tough journey finding your way out of these PSTD feelings you may be having, I hope you are seeing your therapist regularly, they are here to help. Our founder Paul found himself battling PTSD after a tough time in his life, along with many other mental health tools he tried MDMA Therapy, perhaps this blog will be insightful.

Now, of the quotes above, what connected with you most?

Or is there a quote that you like that you did not see here?

Leave them in a comments below.

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