175 Morning Affirmations for a Positive Mental Health

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175 Morning Affirmations

How to do morning affirmations

Morning affirmations help you practice affirming yourself every day. Start every morning with a routine you can do seven days a week where you can aim to direct your conscious and subconscious mind in a positive direction for your mental health. Choose from these 175 positive affirmations to tell yourself every day you will find success.

Here is 175 Morning Affirmations for a Positive Mental Health.

In this blog post, I am going to help you start your day off on the right path. When we take the time to focus on positive actions to start our day, we have a much greater chance of succeeding in our desire to be happy.

Below I will go over.

Morning affirmations are powerful mindful tools that you can use to shift your mindset in a more positive direction. On the surface, it may seem that these short, simple statements could in no way have such a profound impact on your mental health, but their simplicity is precisely one reason why they are so effective.

Repetition is key when it comes to positive morning affirmations for success, so when you select one to start out your day with, you want it to be easy to remember, especially as you may end up wanting to affirm yourself throughout the rest of the day too.

Why positive morning affirmations work

The reason a morning affirmation can impact your mental health is that just one positive thought or change in perspective can rewire your brain. What happens throughout your day is your conscious mind stays continuously busy trying to make sense of the world around you. It is always working to process thoughts and emotions to make connections out of them.

While all this is happening, your subconscious mind is busy retrieving that information and storing it, whether it’s memories or skills. The unconscious mind is also where your beliefs (including self-beliefs) are stored, so when you think about the fact that the subconscious mind controls 95% of your life, you can begin to understand the power and importance behind the way you speak to yourself.

Not to mention, the unconscious mind has a job to respond exactly the way it is programmed, which means that you can program your own mind for positivity and success through positive affirmations!

Why positive affirmations are helpful in the morning

Have you ever slept through your alarm and spent the morning rushing to get ready for work? It’s likely that throughout the rest of the day, you felt pretty hurried or even anxious, finding it hard to calm down.

Or maybe you are someone who wakes up and immediately scrolls through Facebook or Instagram, only to find that you are already experiencing self-sabotaging or judgmental thoughts because, consciously or not, you are comparing yourself to the lives of people you see on your social feed.

The point is that the way you start your day matters. Your morning sets the tone (and sometimes pace) for the rest of your day! In the morning, your mind is fresh, so morning affirmations are an effective way to begin focusing your mind and channeling your thoughts from the moment you awake. You can think of it as a little morning exercise for your brain, just as you would warm up your body through physical movement. And wouldn’t you rather wake up to a positive thought than a negative one?

Create morning affirmations that are unique to you

When it comes to practicing positive affirmations, it is about determining what you want in life, whether it’s an experience, something tangible, or an overall more positive mindset to better your mental health. This means that your affirmation should be based on where you are in your current experience or mindset and created according to where you want to be. That said, a morning affirmation allows you to step into a new perspective, but it will be more helpful when it comes from your own perspective or is a statement that you resonate with.

You may already be pretty connected with or aware of your thoughts. In that case, an affirmation may come naturally for you. Let’s say you have been feeling pretty down on yourself because you have made some mistakes at your job or received criticism from a colleague or client. You might choose an affirmation such as, “I am worthy of this job. It’s okay if I’m still learning” or “I am enough. Perfection is unrealistic.” Take a moment to pause and imagine how it would feel to talk to yourself this way and how the rest of your day could unfold!

Don't force your affirmation

While you always want to ensure you resonate with the positive affirmation you choose, it doesn’t mean yours has to be some eloquent or original phrase. You may have an idea of what you want to work on in terms of your mental health, but no specific phrase is coming to mind. That’s okay!

There are endless affirmations you can choose from in books or online resources, whether you say the phrase exactly as is or modify it and use it as inspiration to form your own. Below we have 75 morning affirmations all ready for you to look through and use, so don’t stress about creating your own; the most important thing is that you connect with it on a personal level.

Techniques for creating morning affirmations

Be specific

This goes back to the part about choosing something you resonate with. If you are too general in your statement, it likely won’t be effective because you are not connecting with what you truly want or want to change.

Stay in the present tense

Say your morning affirmation as if it were already true. Remember that your subconscious mind is listening.

Many powerful affirmations begin with “I am” – believing it about yourself to be true. Staying in the present also means including an action word, sometimes ending in “-ing,” such as “I am taking it one day at a time.”

Include a feeling word

Attaching your intended emotion to the outcome you desire adds power to your morning affirmations. Your phrase might be, “I welcome mistakes and the opportunity to learn from them”; instead, you could say, “I confidently welcome mistakes and the opportunity to learn from them.” Can you feel the shift?

I created this  2:15 YouTube video to help you create your own mental health morning routine. Start it off  with these morning affirmations.

How to practice daily morning affirmations

Take at least 5 minutes every day to repeat your morning affirmations. This can be a combination of saying it to yourself as you prepare for the day and repeating it out loud. Some find morning affirmations more effective when repeated in the morning before getting out of bed, while others find it helpful to speak out loud in front of a mirror. Don’t be afraid to try different ways to find what works for you.

No matter how you practice, it may feel funny and forced at first – that is completely normal. Your morning affirmations will begin to feel more natural over time, and your positive thoughts will become second nature too.

Here is our list of affirmations, I suggest you find 10 that connect with you and use them daily.

175 Morning Affirmations

Anxiety Affirmations

  1. The picture in my head isn’t set in stone. That’s just me being negative.
  2. I am relaxing each part of my body.
  3. Anxiety isn’t dangerous. I’m just uncomfortable. I’ll make it through this.
  4. I release myself from stress.
  5. I feel anxious, but so what? I know what that feels like and I’ll get through it.
  6. I will not stress over things I cannot control.
  7. I’ve been through hard things before and have survived them. I will survive.
  8. What doesn’t break me only makes me stronger.
  9. The feelings in my body are normal and I fully accept them.
  10. I will get rid of this tension and fear.
  11. Deep breathes ease the anxiety in my soul.
  12. It’s going to be okay.
  13. Nothing will break me fully.
  14. Today is the day I will take one step forward.
  15. Today will be better than yesterday.
  16. I will not let my worries of tomorrow steal my peace of today.
  17. One setback doesn’t undo all my growth.
  18. I am not this feeling. I am not my anxiety.
  19. My thoughts and feelings are valid.
  20. I feel grounded and centred.
Today I will take life one hour at a time, one thing at a time.
  22. The panic and discomfort I feel are only temporary.
  23. Even though I’m having a tough day so far, I can still make the most of it.
  24. I permit myself to take a mental health day to recharge.

  25. I release toxic and negative thoughts.
  26. I have all the tools I need to face this head-on.

  27. I relax each part of my body.
  28. I am safe and in control.

  29. I believe in my ability to get through this.

  30. I am resilient.
  31. I permit myself to feel this way.
  32. I am proud of myself for trying.
  33. I control my thoughts – they don’t control me.

  34. I feel the panic leaving my body with each deep breath I take.
  35. I let go of what I cannot change and do my best with what I can.

Morning Affirmations

  1. Life is a beautiful gift.
  2. I choose to focus on the positive.
  3. Good energy is flowing through me.
  4. Today I will be full of ideas.
  5. I will make the most of this day.
  6. Every day I am becoming a better version of myself
  7. I believe in myself and my capabilities.
  8. I will think only positive thoughts today.
  9. My body is worthy of love and healthy choices.
  10. I lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining health.
  11. Today is going to be a really, really good day.
  12. Every day is a new beginning.
  13. Take a deep breath, smile, and start again.
  14. I wake up every morning ready for a new day of exciting possibilities.
  15. To be positive is to be productive.
  16. I accept my flaws and find beauty within them.

  17. I have the courage to choose honesty consistently.
  18. I take breaks when my mind or body needs them.
  19. I choose authenticity over comparison and perfection.
  20. Today I will make myself proud.
  21. I am grateful for another day to experience life.
  22. I give energy to my solutions, not my problems.
  23. My practice makes progress, not perfect.
  24. I take care of my homes: my body, my mind, and the earth.
  25. I am tougher than the things that make life tough.

  26. Some rain today won’t make my future any less bright.
  27. I train my mind to see the good.

  28. It is never too late to set a new goal.

  29. I create space in my head for dreams, not fears.

  30. I am that someone the world needs more of.

  31. Mind over matter.

  32. In moments where I think I need more discipline, I give myself more love.
  33. I attract healthy relationships.

  34. I am in sync with life when I trust the process.

  35. Wellness is my body’s natural state.

Positive Morning Affirmations

  1. I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today.
  2. My past is not a reflection of my future.
  3. My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant.
  4. I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.
  5. I will succeed today.
  6. I’m allowed to make mistakes; they don’t make up my whole story.
  7. I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
  8. I’m bold, beautiful, and brilliant.
  9. My needs and wants are important.
  10. I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.
  11. I’ll surround myself with positive people who will help bring out the best in me.
  12. Though these times are difficult, they are only a short phase of life.
  13. I am enough.
  14. My life is just beginning.
  15. Negative thoughts only have the power I allow them.
  16. I hold no space in my mind or body for negativity.

  17. With positive energy, I attract good things.

  18. My optimism and happiness will not waver despite what happens.
  19. I see abundance everywhere I look.
  20. I deal with all challenges from a calm and positive place.

  21. Life is nothing but a series of endless opportunities.

  22. I am capable of giving with love and receiving with grace.

  23. Replacing anger with understanding, I am forgiving and compassionate.
  24. I gain the most perspective through my challenges.
  25. I start my day with empowering thoughts and end my day with self-acknowledgment.
  26. I approach today with curiosity and a creative spirit.

  27. I let go of the guilt and remember the lesson.

  28. I focus on where I want to go, not on what I fear.
  29. I am a warrior, not a worrier.

  30. I do not doubt my power because that gives power to my doubts.

  31. I am grateful for where I am and excited about where I’m going.

  32. My beauty is found in my strength and not my style.

  33. I choose purpose over perfect.

  34. My happiness is not a goal but the result of a balanced life.

  35. Today I choose best-case scenarios. I think about what could go right.

Daily Affirmations

  1. I am confident in my ability to better my health today.
  2. I give myself space to grow and learn.
  3. I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide.
  4. I trust that I am on the right path.
  5. My fears of today are melting away.
  6. I trust myself to make the right decision.
  7. I am conquering my illness; I am defeating it steadily each day.
  8. I am learning valuable lessons from myself every day.
  9. I am at peace with who I am as a person.
  10. I have been given endless talents which I will begin to utilize today.
  11. I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.
  12. I possess the qualities needed to be extremely happy.
  13. My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless.
  14. I acknowledge my own self-worth.
  15. I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible.
  16. Today I choose actions that support my happiness and well-being.
  17. Today I don’t rush. I put my best effort into each of my endeavors.
  18. I know there is a solution to every problem.

  19. With mindfulness of my limitations, I take full advantage of my talents.
  20. I reflect on each setback so I can grow.
  21. I learn from my mistakes rather than judge myself for them.

  22. My failures are part of my success, not the opposite of it.

  23. I do not wait for opportunities, I create them.

  24. I am in charge of how I feel today. Today I choose happiness.
  25. Today I will start building a habit that my future self with thank me for.
  26. I choose to be a better me, for me.
  27. I collaborate with people I can learn from.
  28. I am courageous enough to ask for help.
  29. What I do with purpose, I do well.

  30. I keep looking up.
  31. I am capable of learning something new.

  32. My small actions add up to big things.

  33. I feel the fear but do it anyway.

  34. I cultivate inner strength through my good actions.
  35. I am happy as I move towards my potential.

Powerful Morning Affirmations

  1. I am grateful to be alive. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.
  2. I am deeply fulfilled by what I do.
  3. My potential to succeed is limitless.
  4. I am enough.
  5. I’m free to create the life I desire.
  6. I don’t entertain any negativity in any shape or form.
  7. I can become anything I put my mind to.
  8. I’m bold, beautiful, and brilliant.
  9. I can choose to make my curses my blessings.
  10. My mind is full of brilliant ideas.
  11. My drive and ambition allow me to achieve my goals.
  12. My life is full of amazing opportunities that are ready for me to step into.
  13. I don’t need someone else to feel happy.
  14. I am stronger than I realize and more powerful than I know.
  15. I am bigger than my fears.
  16. I am where I am supposed to be.

  17. I accept and love myself exactly as I am.

  18. My body is at ease. My mind is at peace. My heart is open.
  19. I am the creator of my reality.

  20. Today each choice I make is an opportunity.

  21. I truly believe in myself.

  22. I do not let my fears or doubts stand in my way.

  23. I find lightheartedness and humor in my mistakes.

  24. I would rather make mistakes than ask, “what if?”

  25. The conditions aren’t perfect, but I will do it anyway.
  26. I show up fully to each moment.

  27. I nurture my mind with thoughts of greatness.

  28. I have the courage to ask for what I need.

  29. I am an encourager for myself and others, not a critic.

  30. I always share my good energy because I never know who needs it. ‘
  31. I am set on my goals but flexible in my methods.

  32. I achieve greatness through my best actions, not my perfections.
  33. I surround myself with people who reflect the person I want to be.
  34. I do not let the limited perspectives of others limit me.

  35. I will be happy “while” not “when.”

175 Morning Affirmations for a Positive Mental Health Start to Your Day

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Morning Affirmation Conclusion

Now that you have learnt about how morning affirmations can be powerful for your mental health help. Did you find any daily positive affirmations that really stood out to you?

What 10 morning affirmations in this list will you use tomorrow morning?

Leave them below in the comments, we’d love to see them 😃

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