How Often Should You Go to the Gym? Never Alone Guide

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How often should you go to the gym?

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A good routine to follow when going to the gym is 5-6 days a week, taking a rest day on the 7th day. When starting your fitness routine you will want to listen to your body over anyone’s suggestions on how much you should workout. If you are sore and hurting, then take the days off needed to heal. The cleaner the food you eat, more water you drink and better sleep you get will help you repair.

Here is How Often Should you Go to the Gym? Never Alone Guide.

Are you thinking about starting to exercise for your physical and mental health but unsure how often you should go to the gym? Then you have come to the right place to find that answer and a few more to help you feel more confident in your new fitness venture. 

Adding a physical health routine does not only positively affect your fat and muscle changes, but it also will help combat your mental health struggles like stress, anxiety, depression and more. 

Like anything new, there are a lot of questions to be answered as you navigate many ‘firsts.’ Here are a few more questions that might be on top of your mind. 

Those articles above have a ton of value in them, but right now, you are here to learn how often you should go to the gym, so let’s get started!

How Often Should you go to the Gym?

You should go to the gym (or any other form of exercising) every week between 5-6 days a week. With proper sleep and nutrition, your body will handle the daily focus. Be sure that you give yourself one day a week off to let your body recover fully.

How Many Days a Week Should You go to the Gym?

When starting your new gym routine, your goal should be to find a comfortable pattern that allows you to work out 5-6 days a week. However, I realize how daunting that can sound and feel during the first week to a month. 

If you do not think it is physically possible to go to the gym Monday through Saturday, try following this schedule that will help ease your body and your confidence into this new area of your life.

Week 1: Go to the gym 2 times
Week 2: Go to the gym 3 times – ideally Monday – Wednesday – Friday 
Week 3: Go to the gym 4 times
Week 4: Go to the gym 5 times
Week 5: Go to the gym 6 times

Is it OK to go to the Gym Every Day?

Going to the gym every day is not what you want to do. Working out day after day will work negatively against both your physical health and your mental health. 

When you work out, your muscles and other parts of your physical body break down, which is needed for them to grow and for fat loss to occur. Eating proper nutrition, getting 8+ hours of sleep a night and drinking ample water each day (2-3L) will do a good chunk of repair throughout your days. 

However, you need to take off the gym at least one day a week and fully let your body rest and repair. 

Is Going to the Gym 3 Times a Week Enough?

Going to the gym three times a week will help you feel better physically and mentally. Your body can handle a six-time-a-week workout routine, but your life might not. 

Finding the time to get into the gym is a limitation for many people, with our busy work, family and friends schedules. Don’t feel bad for this, or give up because you can’t go as often as you would like. Anything is better than not going at all!

How Long Should you go to the Gym?

Once you hit the gym floor, your workouts should last between 50-60 minutes. There is no reason to be there for up to 90 minutes or even two hours for your fitness health. 

Why do you only need to work out for one hour?

  • It will be easier to find time in your busy schedule 
  • You will waste less time on social media 
  • You can plan a workout better into 5×10 minute exercises 
  • 50-60 minutes is all you need if you are pushing yourself!

How Often Should You go to the Gym When You First Start?

For the first 7-14 days, you should go to the gym Monday through Friday and stay between 30-60 minutes each time. 

By doing this routine, you’ll give yourself ample time to rest on the weekends and let your muscles repair for the coming week’s workouts. Also, by allowing for a shorter workout window, you will not feel bad by cutting a training short if you are physically sore or mentally exhausted from your new fitness routine.

When is the Best Time to go to the Gym?

The best times to go to the gym is 10 am and 2 pm. These will be the least busy times because most gym-goers will be at work. Going at these two times would make your gym experience more enjoyable due to more free space and not needing to wait for equipment.

Most people can’t go at this time, and if you are one of them, I suggest you find a time that works for you every day. Consistency is critical when it comes to creating a reliable workout routine. 

The two best times to go to the gym if you work a regular 8hr job.

  • In the morning before your work starts
  • During your lunch break 

People find that they are more likely to keep working out if they go to the gym before their day starts. If you choose to work out after your workday is done, you will find more excuses and reasons to skip the gym. I created this article on the Best Time To Go To The Gym that dives deeper than here to help you!

How many exercises per workout should you do once at the gym?

You’ve now chosen how many days and when you will go to the gym. The next question is what will your workout look like with how many exercises?

This answer depends a lot on what kind of workout you are looking to do. There are many different workout styles:

  • HIIT
  • Crosffit
  • Bodybuilding
  • Cardio
  • Spin
  • Boxing
  • Endurance training
  • Bootcamps

And much much more!

To help you get a better grasp on how many exercises you should do once at the gym, I have created this article on How Many Exercises To Do Per Workout.

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