Gravity Blanket Review: Better Sleep For Anxiety & Depression 2021

this is a drawing of a girl using a gravity weighted blanket

Gravity Blanket Review

Weighted blanket

I bought the Gravity Blanket with one focus in mind; to help ease my stress, anxiety and overall poor mental health at a tough time in my life. The weighted blanket soon became a valuable tool for me in getting better sleep. It hugged me, made me feel calm and gave me hope I could sleep again.

Here is my Gravity Blanket Review: Better Sleep For Anxiety & Depression

Mental health struggles like anxiety & depression affect more than %20 of the population of the world.  Taking the time to focus on and improve certain areas of our lives will help in easing these pains.

In this blog, I am going to review the Gravity Blanket, to help you getter a better sleep each night.

In this post, you will learn.

This Gravity Blanket review is on the Single 25lb Gravity Weighted Blanket and what it did for my anxiety and depression.

I have been using this weighted blanket for over a year now. 

The thought of needing a weighted blanket to help me sleep never crossed my mind as I grew up. I slept like a child until I was 28, often getting daily hour naps in as well. Sleep was an area of ease and comfort. I got it often. 

I got deep sleep. 

I always felt rested. 

When my mental health struggles started, my close friendship with sleep became an instant battle. PTSD, anxiety, depression and years without joy became the norm for me. And with these mental struggles, I lost my ability to get deep sleep. 

Going to bed was not an issue; I would fall asleep quickly. However, once I started tracking my sleep, I found out that I would wake up between 5-8 times a night and would never sleep past 6 am. With these constant wake-ups, I was only getting 5 to 5.5 hours of sleep each night for multiple years, and I got used to being a walking zombie. 

 I chose to get a Gravity Weighted Blanket as a hopeful aid in my nights’ sleep, and this is what I found out from it.

How to get more deep sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep takes a combination of many lifestyle actions that will leave your body and brain in a peaceful state as you turn your lights off to end the day.

Here are 5 areas to focus on each day to get more deep sleep:

Gravity Blanket Review

Size & quality of weighted blanket

I have the 25lb single Grey Gravity Weighted Blanket. This single also comes in 15lb and 20lb. There also is a King/Queen weighted blanket that weighs 35lbs. 

Being a single male, the single is close to a perfect size for me, however, I am 6’7 so I do not expect normal bedding products to fit me 100%. The weighted blanket does not full cover my toes.

The weight of the blanket is considerably noticeable when I lay in bed, but not too heavy. It is quite comforting.

The quality of the weighted blanket is a “premium micro-fleece duvet cover”. For the year I have had this blanket (with two moves), there is no wear or tear to it. It looks and feels the same as when I got it. 

Weighted Blanket Negative

This may be due to my size, but I have woken up in the middle of the night and the weighted blanket has slide 1/3 of the way off the foot of my bed. Trying to lug the 25lb blanket back up to my shoulders while half asleep is not ideal.

I have come to realize that this can happen if I do not place the blanket far enough away from the foot of my bed before I get under my covers. This might happen just because of my extreme height, I would love to hear from other in the comments if they too notice this,

Below is a photo of the 25lb single weighted blanket on a double bed.

This is a photo of a gravity blanket on a twin bed

How much do Gravity Blankets cost

 The cost of the weighted blankets are $165. It is the same cost, no matter if you choose the 15lb, 20lb or 25lb options.

At the time of writing this the King/Queen Weighted Blanket was out of stock, with no price on it.

Buy your  Gravity Blanket here.

What does a gravity blanket do?

Sleeping with the weighted gravity blanket, I found that I was getting more profound sleep. The 5-8 times of waking up shortened within a few weeks of adding the duvet cover.  

When I paired the weighted blanket with changes in my daily habits and nighttime routine, I found not only did my sleep get better, but the time being asleep lengthened as well.

Some of these changes were not watching TV or looking at my phone in bed, writing in my diary in the evening/morning, and focusing on a daily exercise routine.

Do weighted blankets really work?

Do weighted blankets work to help ease anxiety and depression? YES 

The feeling of the extra heft while sleeping does create a calming aspect that I guess you could relate to having someone hug you all night long. 

I 100% had a change in my sleep patterns once I started using mine. Depending on how much you are struggling mentally and emotionally, you may not get the quick response I had.

However, over time as you pair the weighted blanket with other tools to bettering your mental health you will see a more positive change. Like therapy, creating a positive morning routine and physical health.

One tool that you should pair with your weighted blanket is adding nightly meditation into your bedtime routine. To help you choose the perfect meditation app I wrote this review Calm vs Headspace.

Is the gravity blanket worth it?

The price will come to just shy of $200 if you don’t find a free shipping promo code online. 

I see it like this.

You most likely have spent $200 at a dinner out at some point in your life (if not every week). You did it because it brought you joy for 2 hours to have someone wait on you, eat good food and socialize.

Purchasing the weighted blanket is an investment in your mental health. And it will repay you 8 hours each day, and 2920 hours of joy each year.

this is a gravity blanket review infographic

My Gravity Blanket Conclusion

My Gravity Blanket review will end like this. 

If you are dealing with mental health struggles like anxiety, depression or just stressed out from life.

Purchasing a gravity blanket will only aid you in your goals to feel better in time. I see zero negatives in purchasing one.

So go ahead and buy your Gravity Blanket today.

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