6 Powerful Benefits From Exercise [Anxiety and Depression]

This is a drawing of a black man running

Benefits From Exercise

For  Anxiety & Depression

The benefits from exercise to help our anxiety and depression, are becoming a staple for positive mental health.

And for good reason, exercise can help your anxiety and depression by:

  • Natural antidepressant
  • Mood booster
  • Boosts confidence
  • Uptake in energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better sex life
  • Emotional benefits
this is a drawinng of a black man running for mental health
If you are struggling with anxiety and depression right now, I want to tell you that you’re not alone.
Statistically speaking, everyone will have a mental health struggle in their life.
For some of us, it can look like everyday nervousness having to go outside into the world. And also range to diagnosed bipolar disorders, major depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, or any of the wide-ranging mental health disorders.
Benefits of exercise can help give you a strong base to work through your anxiety and depression.
Finding an exercise routine where you get in 3-5 days of exercise in a week will give you a better chance of feeling more positive.
Also, exercising is a great tool that will help you prepare for the hard days to come.

Benefits From Exercise Help Self-esteem

 When creating new eating habits and regular exercise, you’ll notice changes in your body and your brain.
Clothes will start to fit better. That pair of pants you outgrew but loved to wear will fit again. The anxiety and depression will seem less intense at times.
Also, your choice of exercise, no matter what it is, will get easier.
Doing cardio for your daily exercise, the 5km you ended doubled over with your hands on your knees. It will turn into a smooth 8km before not too long.
The same goes for in the gym, with your ability to extend your rep range and also the maximum weight lifted.
Tony Robbins dives into how to confidence is important for our mental makeup.
The feeling of seeing these changes can’t be told simply through text. Its a mixture of pride, grit and self-confidence that becomes intoxicating.
When you walk into a room, you walk with assurance. There is a new sense of self-esteem. You have been exercising so damn hard for the last months, and you deserve it. It won’t cure your anxiety and depression outright, but it will be one more positive step forward.

Exercise Boosts Energy

When you get in a workout, a benefit of exercising is a release of chemicals that doesn’t happen if you live a sedentary lifestyle.
These not only help to push yourself while in the gym. But also boost your energy levels as the day goes on. Making rising more comfortable and not feeling so depleted when the workday’s finished.
Pushing yourself hard during your exercise makes your lungs and heart work harder. Over time they grow in volume and muscle strength. Which allows you to push your body can through a typical day feeling less depleted.
Don’t hold back from exerting yourself! Let the exercise boost your mood and energy.
From Everyday Health, Why Exercise Boosts Mood and Energy

Importance of Sleep and Exercise

I’m sure you have had many types of sleep.
The kind where you wake up every hour on the hour.
Sleep that takes two hours to arrive, as you lay in your bed staring up at the ceiling, pondering the meaning of life.
The cruel sleep that feels like it ended 30 minutes after it started. Having your alarm going off and wondering how in the world is it already 6 AM.
Getting less than 7-8 hours of solid sleep will amplify any anxiety and depression you have.
A daily exercise routine can change your sleep from one of those to a long deep undisturbed slumber. Physical activity helps your body get here and these nights of sleep are when our bodies repair the best.
Daily exertion will lead to breaking down muscles and consuming your energy stores. Sleep is the catalyst to repair the muscles, cells and even brain tissue.
You will have a more deep-rooted sleep, allowing yourself to feel fully rested when you wake up. Better rest can lead to a more positive mindset that helps combat anxiety and depression.
Deep sleep boosts immune function, cardiac support, and control stress levels with anxiety. Healthline digs even deeper and says that getting better sleep can help you intake less calories!

Exercise For Better Sex

Regular exercise helps bring energy to your day and can give you that bump you have been missing in the evening.
Men finding their libido is low and not getting aroused as often as they used to is not as uncommon as we age.
Anxiety and depression can affect your desire to have sexual interactions as well.
Exercising daily will help you create more testosterone than your sedentary lifestyle produced.

Health broke down some benefits of exercises on both sexes, men and women, in this study.

Exercise Is A Good Way To Socialize

With all the technological advances going on, there is a significant disconnect between human and human interaction. This disconnect is becoming a more prominent area that attributes to depression and anxiety in society. 

Exercising can be a community orientated part of life.

RYU hosted a panel talk where Liam Fisher (Owner of MVMT Academy), Brent Seal (Founder of Mavrixx) and I ( Paul Marlow ) ran a group exercise before our panel talk on men and anxiety and depression.

We pushed each other, opened up on our own anxiety and depression and grew together.

Joining an exercise studio or a CrossFit gym will cross off multiple boxes in your journey to overcome your anxiety and depression.

Unsure where to start? 

Check out one of these exercise groups below in your area.

Exercise class

• Yoga studio

• Intramural league

• Cross-fit box

• Dance class

• Spin class

• Boot-camp

Exercising For Anxiety And Depression Conclusion

I hope this helped you understand that starting an exercise routine will give you many positive returns, in fighting your anxiety and depression.

We understand that it is not easy to start doing. But my friends, it is well worth it for your anxiety and depression in the long run.

What benefit interests you the most?

Leave that comment below right away and I will reach out to you directly and help you set up an exercise plan to succeed.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask for help, I look forward to talking with you!

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