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This is a drawing of a person writing down things to talk work on in therapy
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31 Positive things to work on in therapy for 2022

Things to Work on in therapy Talk Therapy A therapist can help with a lot of things that may be going on in your life. …

this is a drawing of three people at therapy
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What is group therapy? All you need to know

Group Therapy What is group therapy Group therapy is where groups of people experiencing depression, eating disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or any other mental …

This is a horizontal drawing of a man affected by seasonal depression
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How to naturally fight seasonal depression: 9 Tips

Seasonal Depression How to naturally fight seasonal depression A few ways on how to naturally fight seasonal depression are to get active, intake fresh air …

this is a drawing of an interacial couple in bed and depressed
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Relationship Therapy: All You Need to Know + 30 Questions

Relationship Therapy Couples therapy Relationship therapy can also be referred to as couple therapy, couples counselling or relationship counselling. Going to see a therapist with …

This is a drawing of structural family therapy
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Structural Family Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

Structural Family Therapy Family Therapy Techniques Structural family therapy is a therapeutic approach that recognizes that families possess many strengths, and it attempts to move …

this is a drawing of a guy who can't sleep
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100 Can’t sleep quotes plus tips to get better sleep

can’t sleep quotes When you can’t sleep quotes Anxiety, stress, and depression all affect your sleep in countless ways. From insomnia to waking up often …

this is a drawing of a multicultural family
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Reunification Therapy: All You Need to Know

Reunification Therapy Family reunification therapy Reunification therapy is a form of family therapy often court-ordered when a parent-child contact problem has culminated in the child …

this is a drawing of an online therapy session
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What Is Sliding Scale Therapy? 4 Answers To Help You Decide

Sliding Scale Therapy Therapy near me or Online therapy? Sliding scale therapy is a form of payment some therapists use to help individuals that can’t …

This is a drawing of a girl having driving anxiety
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Driving Anxiety: Signs, Causes, and Ways to Treat It

Driving Anxiety How to deal with driving anxiety Driving anxiety is ruining my life. Is this something you can relate to? Being an anxious driver …

this is a drawing of teenage angst
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Teenage Angst: 5 Helpful Insights For Teens

Teenage Angst How to deal with teenage angst Teenage angst is the phase in your life where you feel no one understands you, especially your …