Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Review: Your In-Depth Guide

Bios Lighting

Skyview Wellness Table Lamp

The Skyview Wellness Table Lamp combines a SAD lamp (seasonal affective disorder), a sunrise alarm clock and an art piece for your room. There are many positives to using the light for your mental health. However, the $749 USD cost puts it into its own category in the light therapy niche.

Here is Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Review: Your In-Depth Guide.

Are you someone who struggles to get a good night’s sleep? Do you wake up feeling low or out of energy? Do you find your mood dipping during the darker months? If so, you may want to consider a new kind of light therapy.

Bios Lighting’s Skyview Wellness Table Lamp is a great option for those looking to experience the many benefits of bringing the sun’s natural light indoors. In this review, we’ll explore everything the SkyView lamp has to offer, from its design to its revolutionary functionality. We’ll also discuss how it can be used to improve sleep and mood symptoms.

Suppose you’re considering a light therapy lamp or interested in learning more about one that was designed with human biology and wellness (and NASA astronauts) in mind. In that case, this Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Review is for you!

What is the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp?

The BIOS Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp is designed with our human biology in mind. This revolutionary lamp uses patented circadian technology to improve circadian rhythm and deliver various health benefits.

The BIOS SkyView table lamp operates around four programmable modes: sunrise, daytime, sunset, and night. Each of these modes emulates natural light, harnessing its healing properties for greater productivity and alertness during the day and better sleep at night. And one of our favorite benefits that we will cover later on in our BIOS Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp review is how much it can help improve your mood. 

Not only is the BIOS SkyView scientifically designed with mental wellness in mind, but it is a beautiful lamp that will light up whatever space you need it to the most. That said, this table lamp is a wonderful home and health accessory, where the beauty of its transitioning hues helps your mind and body transition from day to night.

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp dynamic clouds
This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp sunny
This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp while fully cloudy

How to use Skyview Wellness Table Lamp?

Whether you plan to use your BIOS SkyView to light up your office space or wake you as a natural sunrise alarm clock, you have a few options for making it uniquely yours. You can use this lamp manually by turning the dials left and right to decrease or increase brightness. You press down on the dial to transition it through all four modes.

If you prefer to use the BIOS mobile app, it will automatically cycle through all of these phases based on your customized sleep cycle and preferences. You don’t ever have to use the dial if you sync it with the app unless you want to make quick adjustments to the brightness.

Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Pros vs. Cons


  • Great size table lamp to light up an entire room or workspace
  • It can double as a sunrise alarm clock
  • Customizable through app according to your sleep schedule and preferred lighting
  • It can help you feel happier and more energized during the day, along with other health benefits


  • Limited instructions for manual use and how scheduling works
  • Limited app features: app scheduling is based on US zip codes only currently
  • Glitches with the app (issues having to reset my location – zip code changes your lamp’s natural sunrise and sunset times if using that option)
  • It is not cheap

How much does the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Cost?

The Skyview Wellness Table Lamp costs $749 USD

Purchase Skyview Wellness Table Lamp From:

Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Review

I have to start by saying that I have never been this excited about a table lamp before. For the first few days, I used the lamp in my office and noticed almost immediate positive changes in my mood throughout the day. Receiving this lamp also fell at an appropriate time, as this last bit of winter has been rainy and gloomy.

That said, it’s an ideal time of year to use a lamp like this, where the mental benefits are bound to be more noticeable. However, there’s no arguing the benefits and facts behind healthy circadian rhythms and, therefore, circadian technology. This lamp is one I will continue to use year-round because I believe in the benefits it can and will provide.

One of the biggest issues I had was understanding how to use the lamp manually. Whether manual or through the app, the instructions that came with the lamp say that it takes two minutes to cycle through its dynamic sunrise and sunset phases.

After sitting there watching it for more than two minutes, I didn’t notice much. There might be something I’m not understanding, but it seems to me that each one lasts thirty minutes – not two. Since setting up the app, I don’t have any confusion about my SkyView, but it would be nice to have a more thorough guide included with a better diagram of its phases.

I had to ultimately transition my SkyView lamp to my bedroom because I’ve always been curious to know what waking up to a natural alarm light is like. I can now attest wholeheartedly that it is a million times better than even the mildest alarm sound. The sunrise that wakes you is gradual and dynamic.

The only thing you cannot guarantee is the exact time you will wake up. The sunrise cycle takes 30 minutes, and most days, I didn’t wake until the end of the cycle. For anyone looking to use their BIOS SkyView for this purpose, you should probably set your wake-up time slightly earlier than the sunrise is scheduled to start. This could be a drawback for some people, although you could always set a sound alarm as a backup.

All in all, while we’re on the subject of lighting schedules for the SkyView lamp, I love that the app has several options for this. You can choose to enter a wake-up and fall asleep time in the app, and the cycles will update accordingly. 

While I love this SkyView lamp, the only thing I have left to decide is where to put it. It’s not super large or heavy, but not quite something you want to move back and forth every day. If it were, I believe that it would negatively impact the tremendous benefits of this purposefully-designed lamp. So I say this not necessarily as a drawback of the lamp, but a heads up that you may want to decide if this is something you want to wake you up in the morning or keep around you all day.

It’s hard to complain about something that is so great you can’t decide where to keep it. And while I do think it’s worth the higher price point, I don’t envision myself getting a second one any time soon for that reason!

All in all, it’s a beautiful and unique lamp, it makes me feel happy having it nearby, and I love the lighting and colors.

How to Assemble the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp

Once you remove the tape and packaging, you will find the glass globe and lamp base, the power plug, and a small pamphlet with information and instructions. 

The globe and base each have stickers that make it easy to know what needs to be done. Each piece has a colorful sticker with arrows that help you align the globe to the base to attach the two.

Once the arrow stickers are aligned, you slide the glass globe into place and twist it to the left to secure it to the base. The globe should not be loose or able to remove from the base. You can double-check that it’s secure by lightly twisting it to the left or right.

Once you’re done using the stickers as guides, make sure to remove those along with any remaining protective wrapping.

When you have the lamp assembled, you will plug in the power supply to the bottom of the lamp base, in the center. Make sure it is fully inserted, or the lamp will not turn on.

The final step is to download your BIOS Lighting App! Note that when you first plug it into the wall, it will automatically cycle through a 30-minute sunrise. However, you can override this by pressing the dial to transition to other phases.

How to set up the Bios Lighting App

Download the “BIOS Lighting” app and hit the “Sign Up” button.

After entering the necessary information, you will receive a verification code via the email you used to sign up. The app will prompt you to enter the code along with your email once more before directing you to the login page, where you will enter your email again and your password.

The app will display the option for “Add New Device,” Once you click that, it will initiate the Bluetooth connection set up between your lamp and the app. It might take up to a minute for the app to find your device, so be patient and make sure your lamp is still plugged in.

Tap on the device name to start the Wi-Fi connection process. The device will eventually pop up with a unique lamp ID (i.e, BIOS-E232F2). Like the Bluetooth process, it will scan all nearby Wi-Fi devices, so you can click yours once you see it. It’s hard to see the scroll option, but you can scroll down to view more if needed.

Once you find the Wi-Fi you want to connect to, tap “Next.” Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and give it several minutes to connect. The app will notify you once it is connected, giving you the option to “Set Lighting”!

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp app your device

How to use the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp

If you are using this lamp manually, BIOS recommends pressing the knob to set it to sunrise when first starting the day, leaving it on “Daytime” during the day, then transitioning to “Sunset” two hours before bed; it will automatically transition to “Nighttime.” You can turn off the lamp when you’re ready to sleep. Each of these transitions requires one press of the knob.

More than likely, you won’t want to use this app manually. In that case, you can use the app to handle these transitions for you throughout the entire day.

Setting up preferences on the App

One of the best parts of this lamp and app that we wanted to cover in our Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp review are the options to set up your preferences. 

You can decide whether you want the lighting schedule to be based on the natural schedule depending on where you live, the BIOS recommended circadian schedule, your customized sleep schedule, or no schedule.

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp app home screen

Natural Sunrise/Sunset Schedule

This daily schedule is based on the zip code you enter. The lamp will follow the seasonal sunrise & sunset for your location.

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp app change schedule section

Your Sleep Schedule

This daily schedule is based upon your wake-up & bedtime inputs. The lamp begins sunrise 15 minutes before you wake up and transitions into daylight 15 minutes later.

The sunset will begin 2.5 hours before bedtime and transition into evening mode 30 minutes later.

Night mode will begin 10 minutes before bedtime and then fades to off 10 minutes after bedtime

BIOS Recommended Circadian Schedule

This is a hybrid of your schedule and the natural schedule of the sun, designed to help bring you closer to a natural circadian rhythm.

No Automatic Schedule

You can choose this option to operate the lamp in manual mode. Each time you press the button, the next sequential mode will be initiated.

  • Press once: Two Minute Sunrise
  • Press twice: Day Light
  • Press three times: Two Minute Sunset
  • Press four times: Evening
  • Press five times: Off

The other main feature to explore when setting up preferences on the app is the “Change Lighting” section. 

Here you can adjust the brightness of your lamp with a slider.

You can also select how you want your SkyView lamp to emulate the sun and clouds. You can select sunny, dynamic cloud, or fully cloudy.

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp app change lighting section

This option is for optimal alertness. Your lamp will be the most vibrant with no cloudiness.

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp sunny
Dynamic Clouds

This option enables the SkyView lamp to replicate passing clouds, offering more health benefits than the other settings. Although the app doesn’t detail why that is or what they are.

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp dynamic clouds
Fully Cloudy

With this option, your lamp’s hues will be the most faded. This can be helpful for headaches and migraines. 

This is a photo of the Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp while fully cloudy

Health Benefits Bios Lighting Promotes

The BIOS SkyView lamp offers several health benefits, including:

  • Increased alertness
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved mood
  • Better sleep at night
  • Strengthened circadian rhythm

How it can help your mental health

The SkyView lamp emits wavelengths in the “sky blue” region of the light spectrum, proven to brighten your mood. 

Exposure to this lamp regulates your sleep-wake cycle, triggering the production of serotonin in your brain the way natural light does. This process helps with everything from managing emotions to minimizing brain fog. Not to mention a better night’s sleep plays a huge factor in our mood.

Between the overall improvements in mood, attention, happiness, concentration, and alertness, the benefits of this lamp – and light therapy in general – are profound enough to help ease depression symptoms. This lamp can even help with treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as the mimicked outdoor light contributes not only to increased serotonin but melatonin and vitamin D, along with other effects.

All in all, the SkyView table lamp can brighten everything from your morning to your room and your overall daily mood!

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Using the sunrise alarm clock feature can help you gradually come out of your sleep. Having a blaring sound of an alarm clock going off, waking you up from whatever stage of sleep you are in, does affect your mood. Using the sunrise alarm clock will ease into waking and have a more positive mindset as you start your morning routine focused on bettering your mental health.

Light therapy

Light Therapy is one tool to help fight against the anxiety and depression from the Fall and Winter seasons. During these months, we get less natural sunlight which can help combat mental lows, and this is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.) The light emitted from the Bios Lamp mimics the sun’s rays to help combat the seasonal depression. Learn more ways to naturally combat seasonal depression.

Sunset Feature

Getting a good eight hours of sleep is one the most underrated tools used in society to better one’s mental health struggles. A well-rested brain performs better than a tired one, and also, when we sleep, our organs and tissues can repair. Using the sunset feature will help you stick to a consistent bedtime and ease you into a more relaxed mode as the ‘sun sets.’ Learn about more ways to help create a more positive sleep with our evening routine tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it wakes you up

The SkyView is tuned to your biology. It stimulates a melanopsin response and syncs with your circadian rhythm. In other words, it’s not just the light shining that wakes you up in the morning – it’s the emulated natural outdoor light that it brings indoors all day that sends signals telling the body when to feel tired and when to wake up.

When the SkyView table lamp begins, it’s a gentle and dynamic cycle that doesn’t transition to full daytime brightness until 30 minutes after it starts.

How it helps you go to sleep

By syncing to your biological clock or “sleep-wake” cycle, your brain receives the signal to make more melatonin when there is less light, so you get sleepy. The lamp follows an automatic schedule, transitioning from sunset mode to nighttime to help you feel tired and calm, allowing you to achieve a deeper sleep.

How Bright is the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp?

The BIOS SkyView table lamp goes only as bright as you want it to go. You can adjust the brightness on a scale to several levels. The color hues of each phase are also beautiful. Here’s how we’d describe them:


Light hues of pink at the bottom of the globe and light blue that transitions to a darker blue at the top 


White light (despite how it may seem given the emulated light, it’s not like looking directly at the sun. It’s like a regular lamp, but easier to look at. And remember you can adjust the cloudiness!)


Violet-blue light


Yellow-white light (looks like the moon)

How Big is the SkyView Wellness Table Lamp?

The BIOS SkyView Wellness Table Lamp ships in a large box about 2 feet wide x 2 feet tall, housing its two main components packed safely inside a large styrofoam box.

If nobody is there to help pull the main box as you slide the styrofoam box out, I recommend leaving it on the ground and unpackaging it very slowly, as it is fragile and slightly heavy.

The globe itself is just over 12 inches tall – about the size of 1.5 soccer balls (footballs). Its billet aluminum base is 9 inches, and the globe is 10 inches at its widest point in the middle – so you will need enough table space for just under one foot. The lamp weighs 15 pounds.

All in all, the lamp should look great most places you put it; it’s almost 21 inches tall, but it’s not over the top!

It’s slightly heavier and bigger than your average table lamp. However, it’s easy to find traditional lamps that take up even more space with their wider lamp shades.

How many settings does the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp have?

If you do not include the sunrise and sunset transitions, the Bios SkyView lamp has two main settings: daytime and nighttime.

How long should you use the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp in one sitting?

You should always adhere to the manufacturer’s advice with all light therapy devices. For instance, some will permit around 30 minutes of exposure.

The BIOS SkyView is a biological lighting solution. Developed with the help of a former NASA scientist, BIOS created the SkyView lamp and other light solutions to provide astronauts with the natural light they lacked while in space.

All that said, the longer you are exposed to this lamp, the better (Some days I keep mine on all day on my desk as I work.)

How far away should you place your Skyview Wellness Table Lamp?

It would be best if you placed your lamp three to four feet away from you.

How intense is the Skyview Wellness Table Lamp?

The SkyView lamp is 10,000 lux, which, to reap the benefits of light therapy, you must be receiving 10,000 lux of exposure. The light output or lumens is 1,200 lm.

How does it travel?

Given the size and fragility of this lamp, it’s likely not going to be something you want to travel with. It doesn’t come with a case or anything as it’s not designed to be portable but rather a uniquely designed wellness addition to your home.

How many brightness levels are there?

There aren’t specific brightness levels for this lamp, but you can adjust the brightness using a slider function in the app. A nice range of brightness makes this lamp perfect for any purpose.

Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Features


The SkyView lamp is artisanally crafted out of hand-blown dual-layer etched glass. The stand is also custom, made of billet aluminum. The light component is oval-like in shape, though not completely spherical. This lamp features 360 degrees of color separation technology, which allows it to emit a seamless blend of colors that emulate the sky.

The lamp’s base is a nice diameter size, and it’s also relatively flat. If you find that the lamp takes up more surface area than you’d like it to, you can even set a few things on top of the base if you need to. At night, I will sometimes set my earplugs or glasses on top of it.


  • Fixture: 20.66”H x 10.00”
  • Diameter
  • 10.4 lbs
  • Cord Length 7’-6


15 pounds (6.75 kg)

Wall mountable

This lamp is not wall mountable.

Detachable stand

The stand is detachable, though we don’t recommend taking it apart unless necessary. If you need to detach the stand, carefully twist it far enough to the right (as you turned it left to secure it) until it loosens. There are no instructions provided with the lamp for disassembling, but you can always contact customer service for assistance. 

Bios Lighting Skyview Wellness Table Lamp Review: Takeway

If you have the extra USD $749 to spend and you are looking for a SAD Light with a Sunrise Alarm Clock all in one, then this lamp is what you need to buy.

Being able to wake up each morning to the peaceful glow of a ‘sun’ rising has done fantastic help for my mental health and created a much more positive morning routine energy. Also, using the lamps during the Fall and Winter months have been a helpful addition to combating my seasonal depression lows.

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