Anxiety Relief: 5 Quick Tips to Help You Ease Your Anxiety

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Anxiety Relief

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

What helps with anxiety

  1. Go for a walk outdoors
  2. Drink 1 Litre of water
  3. Get a workout in
  4. Don’t drink booze
  5. Pour out your coffee
  6. Eat fruits and vegetables
  7. Take a nap
  8. Meditate, as best to your ability
  9. Journal out your thoughts
  10. Take 10 deep breathes

Here is Anxiety Relief: 5 Quick Tips to Help You Ease Your Anxiety.

You don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to experience anxiety. You don’t need to have gone through a traumatic event or have a certain personality type to know what the incredibly uncomfortable side effects of anxiety feel like.

Anxiety can happen to anyone, and it’s happening all around us – by the millions. And whether you have an anxiety disorder, experienced a traumatic event like a car accident or have developed anxiety while working through a hard time in your life, we want to remind you that your feelings are valid and real and do not make you any less or weaker of a person. So, while you may identify with some of this, know that anxiety does not define you.

What anxiety will do is creep into your life and start to take over everything it can until getting a good night’s sleep, stopping your upset stomach or getting through what once was your normal day-to-day feels impossible at times, challenging at best.

Whether or not you’ve experienced anxiety until now (and we’re so glad you’re here for help), you will know it when you feel it. Typically, it will start with a worry or fear over something that hasn’t happened yet or even something that already happened that you can’t seem to stop dwelling on. These thoughts then manifest into restlessness, tension, rapid breathing, an increased heart rate, trouble concentrating, trouble sleeping, sweating, or the feeling that danger is on the horizon. Once one or two of these symptoms start, they can begin to cause more or become worse until both the physical and mental toll anxiety’s taken on you feels awful and overwhelming.

Right now, your mind may be riddled with anxious thoughts – thoughts that are relentless, disheartening, and downright complex, which is why the best way you can start finding some anxiety relief is by keeping it simple.

These are five simple anxiety relief tips that you can practice every day. Start with the one that speaks the most to you today, and even if it works great for you, we still recommend trying and familiarizing yourself with all of them. Think of these tips as your anxiety relief toolbox – once you become more aware of how your anxiety builds up within you, you will get better and better at knowing which tool you need when the time comes. This will also help when you need to explain how your anxiety affects you to a lover, family member or friend.

I turned these anxiety relief tips into a 9:25 YouTube video, in-case you learn better watching a video

Natural Anxiety Relief: 5 Tips

Take in your surroundings

Wherever you are right now, or before you move on to doing something else once you’re through reading – take a moment to pause and take in everything around you.

Use your eyes. Look around and notice where you are. Notice what is happening around you, whether it’s people or cars moving by as you look out the window. Become aware of their presence. Become a part of your surroundings. Use your eyes to remind yourself that there is so much happening around you and with you, but not necessarily to you.

Use your nose. Take in the smells of wherever you are. If you are outside, notice the scent of flowers or the smells wafting from the restaurant down the street. 

Use your ears. Listen to what is happening. Notice all the sounds, whether near or in the distance. Is there anything happening that is different from the usual? Is there construction going on nearby? Is your dog wrestling with his toys or blankets?

Take it all in. Using your senses will help you focus on things other than what is going on in your mind. 

Create a winnable list

What’s a winnable list, you ask? It’s a list of 3-5 things that we want you to put together to accomplish over the next 4 hours. A winnable task can be as simple as making your bed to taking 5 minutes to do some stretches or deep breathing. Make them easy wins – something you know you can check off. As you check these items off, it will pull your focus away from your anxiety.

Once you check them all, you will be left with the feeling like you have succeeded. It is important to be able to say to yourself, even though I have this condition that makes many things difficult, I can still be productive and do things that make me happy. 

Go for a walk

Grab a pair of shoes, and that’s it. Maybe some headphones to tune into a helpful podcast or calming music. Otherwise, tune into nature. You don’t have to be in the most beautiful place – take advantage of how accessible walking is no matter where.

Give yourself a time limit or a destination so you can focus on everything around you. Try taking some deep breaths too. Get out of your head and into what is around you. Walking is such a simple tool for getting your mind off things, finding anxiety relief, and harnessing a more positive mood.

Accept your anxiety

Before going any further on your anxiety relief journey, make a conscious effort to accept your anxiety. Let the millions of people around you (including us) be a constant reminder that you are not alone. You are not the only one searching for the same anxiety relief help on the internet or through counseling. With anxiety, you will have days where you feel like you have lost because you couldn’t overcome the struggle, and that is okay. Tomorrow you can try again!

Just take things one day at a time as you become more comfortable with the uncomfortable. Eventually, you will develop more confidence and trust in your ability to overcome your anxiety, and it will get better over time. 

Create controllable anxiety

Did you know that putting yourself into situations that give you anxiety on purpose and in a controlled manner can help you find anxiety relief? The next time you can, put yourself into a position that makes you anxious. Once you’re in it, you will likely realize that it wasn’t the situation that made you anxious but the thoughts you had created around it. In either case, you will be in control, and the idea is to come out of a situation thinking that if you can handle what you just did, you can overcome else that comes up in your future. If it starts to be too much, step out of the situation. You want to leave feeling better, not worse.

As you venture off to try out these stress relief tips, remember that your anxiety does not define you. Anxiety just happens. And it can happen to anyone. Most of all, you don’t need anyone else’s opinion, belief, or definition of what they think you are or aren’t going through. Only you know how uncomfortable the thoughts and feelings are that you are experiencing. All you need to do from this point forward is focus on yourself – you are worthy of relief and happiness.

Anxiety Relief Conclusion

Natural remedies for anxiety relief are all around you. The thing is, you must take the time to stop and implement them the way they are supposed to be used.

When taking in your surroundings, STOP COMPLETELY, put your phone away and allow yourself to be immersed in all that is surrounding you.

When going for a walk for your natural anxiety relief, don’t try to multitask. Save the phone calls and text messages for when your walk is full done.

Now I want to hear from you and your anxiety relief efforts… When was your last bout of anxiety and what did you do to relieve it?

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