We're Changing The Way We Look At Mental Health

By changing the way Mental Health looks.

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Never Alone

Our Mission

Never Alone’s mission is to fill the void between mental health and society’s issues discussing it. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles don’t touch a chosen few. We are all affected at some point.

Our focus is to take honest daily conversations to the palm of your hand through tweets, videos, posts, blogs, and more. Doing this, we can break the stigma by starting daily conversations, creating confidence for those feeling ashamed and alone.

With every sale, you are helping how the world views mental health. The proceeds go to creating weekly content on all our channels.

Help us remind the world that we are Never Alone.

Launch Special

Never Alone

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The Hoodie

This is not your standard piece of ‘merch.’

Instead of screen printing our logo on a hoody that every other apparel co was using, we chose to create our own piece of unique clothing found nowhere else.

The process took over 11 months, having to learn each step and re-doing until we were happy to move forward.

Just like mental health, creating something worth loving for takes time.

The Dad Hat

Are you having a down day, where showering doesn’t fit your mood? That’s ok, you are allowed these days!

The low profile design of the ‘never alone.’ dad hat will cover your bed head and keep you comfy in your sweats while keeping you stylish when you’re ready to brave the world and take on the day.

I created Never Alone after my father died from cancer in 2018 and I fell into depression.

- Paul Marlow
Founder, Never Alone
The Never Alone Story

The Depression
That Started This

On May 21, 2018, my world changed forever.

Dad died from cancer.

The thing was, the cancer was a blessing. The two prior years, my family and I watched him deteriorate from Lewy body dementia. I would go home weekly and see a new man each time. In the last three months of his life, I numbed to it all, that was the only way I could cope. Seeing him become a fraction of himself, was too much to bear.

Within mere weeks of cancer showing up, he was gone, and my mental health took a sharp downward spiral. Anxiety and depression gripped my everyday life. I took time off work and then cut down my hours to a fraction of what they once were. I just couldn’t cope.

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Instead of hiding these lows, I decided to give them their time on my Instagram and Twitter feeds.

I went from sharing only the best parts of my life to being honest in all areas was drastic.

It resonated with people.

Friends and followers started reaching out with their own stories of mental struggles, thanking me for showing them that they were not alone.

A community was born, and this was the start of Never Alone.

I’m glad to have you on board.

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