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    I really appreciate the way Never Alone is focusing on changing the way the world views mental health. So many of the mental health initiatives and advocates I see on twitter and social media I can’t connect with. Paul Marlow is doing an awesome job of humanizing mental health struggles and connecting our daily actions as the base of finding a way out.
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    Hafeez Noorani
    Marketing Specialist
    Never Alone is a standout resource that provides an in depth and diverse collection of information, tools, tips and connections within mental health. They provide an accessible and approachable way to open the conversation surrounding mental health and make it not only informative and helpful but also personal and easily applicable. I appreciate the non-judgemental and honest information and how genuine the Never Alone community is.
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    Joel Robison
    Artist and Mental Health Advocate
    Paul Marlow founder of Never Alone is truly making a impact on how the world views mental health. He is breaking the stigma by raising awareness for mental health with honesty and vulnerability and sharing attainable actions that you can do on a daily basis to help start and continue your journey to healing
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    Julie Véronneau
    Health & Fitness Advocate
    Mental Growth Community

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